• Thomas Loftin

Am I really a Star Wars Fan?

So within the past year we have seen the release of two totally divisive movies. In December of 2017 we received The Last Jedi, which has irreparably segregated the fandom unlike ever before. A few months later in May 2018, we got the production troubled, ill received, Han Solo movie. It was one of the best/worst times to be a fan. The social media consensus was that Star Wars was ruined. I didn’t buy that. LucasFilm has always been about quality over quantity. Yet after initially viewing Solo, I was questioning the impact of that film against the entire universe that had been built before. The episodic stories are what we all know and love. Rogue One was an Original Trilogy fan’s dream, and delivered on more levels than even The Force Awakens had promised.

I went into Solo: A Star Wars Story with low expectations. I honestly wasn’t disappointed. Just not excited. I saw Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War within the same month. If had to rank those films at that time, Solo would have been my least favorite. "Am I really a Star Wars Fan?" Thats the question i began to ask myself. I’ve seen every Star Wars film on the big screen at least once. I have a collection of Star Wars memorabilia that will put many fellow fans' collections to shame. I am always a proponent about the fact that if you haven’t seen the original Star Wars trilogy then you haven’t lived. But I began to waiver. I honestly looked forward to Infinity War more than Solo. I questioned my fandom throughout the summer.

Like always, I preordered my favorite films through Target: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and Solo. When I received the first two, I watched the bonuses and the film in the same night. With Solo, I watched the bonuses and let it sit. I wasn’t overwhelmed with excitement like normal.

Three weeks passed. I threw Solo in my PS4 and was amazed, shocked and left in awe. A film that caused me to question my fandom, reinvigorated it. All because I LOVE westerns. Solo was the perfect example of a modern space western. These are just a few reasons why I think its a great example:

  • Jail Break (Chewie v. Han)

  • Train Robbery

  • Gang of Outlaws

  • Whimsical Romance

  • Double Cross

  • Poker Game (Sabacc)

Once the end theme hit and I realized that the movie was over, I quickly saw that Solo hit all the marks for me. Was it a different Star Wars story? Yes. Does it honor all the moments that I love from the films that made me love this franchise? Yes. Is Solo a film that keeps the spirit of what Star Wars has always meant to me? Absolutely.

I know that the fanbase is currently divided on this film. That’s ok. I don’t care what they think. I love Star Wars. With time i think that much of the criticism of this film will fade. I love Solo because of its purity, willingness to take risks, and its great story telling. Am I really a Star Wars fan? Damn right I am.

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