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What does "The Last Jedi" mean?

Earlier today, StarWars.com released the first (of many, I'm sure) official poster for the next chapter of Star Wars. That poster confirmed that episode VIII will be titled "The Last Jedi". Like many others, I began to think about the title and what the significance it may hold in relation to the story. So, I asked myself "What does 'The Last Jedi' mean?"

Each saga film's title has specifically related to a major story point thus far, and I don't expect this to be any different. The Force Awakens was certainly a reference to the awakening within Rey. The Last Jedi may seem like a familiar phrase because it was actually used in the opening crawl for The Force Awakens:

"Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister FIRST ORDER has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been destroyed.

With the support of the REPUBLIC, General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE. She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy.

Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke's whereabouts...."

Luke being referred to as the last Jedi made me initially think that new title was a direct reference to him. However, we must not forget that "Jedi" is both a singular and plural noun. It is almost certain that this episode of the saga will show Rey training with Luke to become a Jedi. So, it is possible that the title may be referring to the both of them.

How does that relate to a major plot point large enough to garner a subtitle? We know that during The Force Awakens, Kylo was obsessing over locating the map to Skywalker. Many online sources have reported that the Kylo and possibly the Knights of Ren will square off against Luke and Rey in this installment. If that's true, then it certainly could be a story point worthy of the episodic subtitle.

Lastly, if Rey does train to become a Jedi. Could this be the last film for Luke's character? Does the title hold significance in that Rey will be the last Jedi after Luke is killed? I certainly hope not. Given the recent canon death of Han Solo and the recent real world death of Carrie Fisher, it would be sad to have none of the original big three as characters heading into episode IX. Then again, there's always force ghosts.

So, there's my opinion. Like it, hate it? Sound off in the comments below.

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