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Carl Evanson: FanMade Friday Spotlight

HonorTheForce.com recently caught up with UK based artist Carl Evanson to talk about his ever expanding portfolio of Star Wars fan art. Have a look and read about this young fan creator who is on his way to greatness by using some unique talents.

HTF: How long have you been making artwork?

Carl: I always had a passion for art and I always wanted to be good at drawing. I only started to get serious about drawing and colouring last year. I recently started having a go at painting.

HTF: What has been your creative influence?

Carl: Since I started drawing & selling work, people influenced me to make more. I suffer from an illness called cystic fibrosis...life is very hard sometimes. I make art because its the best way for me to escape the pain and my thoughts. Art is my coping mechanism. It helps me deal with my illness...I just like making people happy with my art.

HTF: What is your favorite media to work with?

Carl: I love using prismacolors pencils, watercolor, acrylics, and anything I can use really.

HTF: What advice would you give to other artists that are interested in putting their work out there?

Carl: Well to other artists who want to put there work out there for others that enjoy...don't be scared of doing it. If you don't try you'll never know what can happen. Some people might put you and your work down but you take their criticism and improve on it. Make more amazing pieces in the future. If you start your prices low in the beginning, you will get people coming to you. In time you can raise the prices up. Making art is not about the money even though it's nice to get some.

HTF: What Star Wars character do you most closely identity with?

Carl: I'm more like Luke Skywalker because he's a fighter. He fights for what he believes in. Even though everything goes down hill for him, he chooses to fight for the good.

HTF: How has Star Wars influenced your life?

Carl: Star Wars has always been in my life but 3 years ago Star Wars turned "into" my life. It's a passion for me. I just love it. Its a universe of rich stories and I love every minute of it.

HTF: I'm sure we can all agree with that last statement. For many of us, Star Wars is a passion and the themes it encompasses are identical to how we live our lives. Thanks for the interview, Carl. Best of luck in the future!

Carl: Thank you so much, mate.

For more information on Carl and his outstanding artwork, head on over and check him out at the following locations online...

Carlos Etsy Online Store



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