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Fan Made Friday: DarthWorld.com's John McIntire

HonorTheForce.com recently got the chance to chat with John McIntire, owner of the Incredible Art Gallery located in Denver, Colorado. The Incredible Art Gallery has a huge collection of art for all types of fans including a little something for all of us die hard Star Wars fans. John is proof that being a fan can be a full time job that is both fun and rewarding.

Honor The Force: What was your first experience with Star Wars and what was your reaction?

John: I was 7 yrs old when my parents took me to see Star Wars Episode IV in the theater. I was mesmerized and must have seen it about 30 times again in the theaters as it was the "cool thing to do" back then. I've probably seen it over 150 times. In 1978, my parents purchased a 46' sailboat and moved me and my two older brothers on the boat where we sailed around the Caribbean for three years. During that time, I befriended many children from other countries including the Kuna Indians who I showed and often gave them, many of my Star Wars action figures. They were enthralled and even though I didn't know their language they loved the stories and impressions I did from the movie. With no TV, my parents bought me a Star Wars cassette tape which had the entire dialogue and soundtrack from the movie. I listened to it over and over. Even now, I can still recite EVERY line and every sound effect including Jawas, blasters, Chewbacca roars, and anything else. I'm 46 now and am definitely a Star Wars geek.

Honor The Force: You currently own and operate the Incredible Art Gallery of Denver, Colorado. What inspired you to get into the world of art?

John: I started as a holiday store in 2005 and simply wanted something on the walls to emphasize the gift items I was selling. I was never an art fan and had someone told me in my twenties I would own an art gallery, I'd take their temperature. Once I realized the demand for artwork which all people could relate to, I found this to be an exciting change. I didn't start selling Star Wars art until 2012 since I didn't know it existed. I was ecstatic and it's so awesome that I'm representing a product that I've loved my entire life.

Honor The Force: DarthWorld.com is your gallery's official Star Wars branch. What purchasing options can your customers expect when trying to find the perfect piece of art for their fan-cave?

John: We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and Bitcoin. We offer 12 month 0% financing, 6 month layaway

Honor The Force: If Jabba had a contract out for you, which Star Wars character would you want to be your ally? Why?

John: Darth Maul. Next to Darth Vader, there was no other tougher or cooler guy out there. Plus, despite him having few lines, I can do an impression of his voice spot on.

Honor The Force: Many of your gallery's pieces are limited edition or signed by the original artist. What was your favorite Star Wars piece that you have ever offered at your gallery?

John: Machines of Dominion (pictured on the left) by Raymond Swanland. I currently have this hanging in my office and I love this piece because it depicts Vader and his two pilots entering the docking bay just prior to counter attacking the rebel alliance "ship to ship". A scene we never saw in the movie but know happened. This is the same concept the artist we represent (Christopher Clark) is doing for his Star Wars pieces we hope to have published in the near future and is something I'd love to have fan suggestions on.

Honor The Force: You are scheduled to be a part of the Denver Comic Con this month. What has been your most memorable experience at a convention?

John: Probably the Holiday Food and Gift Festival last November where over 30,000 people attended and where we displayed a ton of our Star Wars product including our 8' life size Vader/Leia piece (pictured on the right). We brought in our artist Christopher Clark to paint some Star Wars pieces live as well and we were the #1 visited booth at the show. We hope to have a booth at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. Currently looking into that.

Honor The Force: Do you feel that Episode VII lived up to the expectations of fans?

John: I'm a fan of about 50 Star Wars fan site out there on social media. I've heard some fans who come in the gallery state that many Star Wars fans didn't like it but I haven't seen that on social media. I personally loved it and saw it with Star Wars licensed artist Rodel Gonzalez since we had a Star Wars gallery party the weekend it opened. I tend to always root for the cool bad guy, so I was a little disappointed that Kylo Ren lost the final battle and wished he wore his helmet more during the movie since it was a very cool costume. I also like how Rey is the new hero to watch and root for. I think she did a great job acting and will fill the role nicely. Some disappointment from fans that Luke was barely in it but I thought it was great how they built up to it as a climax. I also loved the funny one liners especially by Han Solo and Finn and once I heard Disney was bringing back the entire original cast members, I actually bought a bunch of Disney stock:)

Honor The Force: If you could offer one piece of advice to an new or novice entrepreneur, what would it be?

John: Follow your dreams. I know this is something said often but it really does work when you focus and work hard for it. I have had numerous jobs prior to my life as a gallery owner and once I decided to risk all in doing my own business, I put 100% into it and still do. I'm quite a work-a-holic is my only regret is that I work 7 days a week. However, the fact this is considered work is a dream come true.

John, Thanks for your time, your contributions to keeping the fandom alive, and for helping us Honor The Force.

If you are interested in checking out The incredible Art Gallery’s Star Wars Collection, visit DarthWorld.com or visit them in person at the address below.

The Incredible Art Gallery

1020 15th St.

Denver, CO 80202


Posing with Rodel Gonzalez on the left and Chris Parente (Emmy Award winning entertainment reporter) during our live TV shoot

Interior shot of the Gallery

Posing with artists Irene Sheri and Rob Kaz (Kaz is a licensed Star Wars Artist, Irene is licensed Disney artist)

Dressed as Kylo Ren about to destroy Star Wars artist Rodel Gonzalez at his easel

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