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Star Wars: The Triumphant Return Part 4

A ship departs from Miranda, setting course for the Outer Rim, back in The Galaxy. As the ship exits from Miranda’s atmosphere, a feeling of relief spreads amongst its occupants. They had been wanting to leave Miranda for quite some time now. Ever since the Empire annexed the Titan-Miranda system, along with its surrounding stars in its micro-galaxy, Mirandans lost their independence and were subject to Imperial Rule and persecution. For the passengers on this ship, it was an end to all that. An opportunity to start over anew. As the ship prepared to go into hyperspace, bound for the Outer Rim, a young mother, a Mirandan, held her child tightly, not wanting to lose her amongst the crowd of refugees. “Mommy”, asked the youngling, “where are we going?”. “We’re going home honey”, the mother told her child, “we’re going home”. “But I thought Miranda was our home?”, she asked her mother. “Not anymore, we’ll have to find ourselves a new home, elsewhere among the stars” she told her child as soon as their ship took off into hyperspace. As their ship was flying through hyperspace, A sudden burst of energy came across the ship, and it was suddenly ripped out of hyperspace. The passengers all screamed in shock and horror as their ship spun around uncontrollably through space. As the pilots struggled to regain control of their ship, the passengers looked outside the windows and saw an Imperial Interdictor-class cruiser ahead of them. As their ship was caught in the cruiser’s tractor beam, the Mother held her child closely, as they prepared to be boarded by the Imperial Navy. As the docking ports from the cruiser connected with the refugee ship, a group of stormtroopers made their way onto the ship, ordering the passengers to raise their hands and surrender. As the stormtroopers and ISB agents inspected all the passengers, a strange presence boarded the refugee ship. It was a female, wearing black armor with an Imperial insignia on her shoulder. As she looked to the passengers, she saw the Mother holding her child closely, and immediately noticed something about the child that made her stand out amongst the passengers. As she looked to the youngling, her Mother simply held her tightly, ignoring the Imperial as she walked closer and closer. “Who are you, child?”, she asked the youngling. “I know what you want from us”, said the Mother, “you won’t find it from us”. She looked to the Mother in a surprised gaze, “And how do you know what I want?”, she asked her. “I know what you are”, said the mother, “You’re an inquisitor. I know what you do. We’re Mirandans, we don’t have any connection to the Force. You won’t get what you’re looking for from us”. The Inquisitor smiled, and looked to the mother. As she looked to the puzzled Mirandan, she extended her hand and started choking her through the force. “Mommy!” the youngling cried out as she watched her Mother lie on the ground, struggling to breathe. Out of desperation, she extended her hand towards the inquisitor. The inquisitor almost lost her balance, and released her grip on the other Mirandan. As the Mother was once again able to breathe, she looked to the inquisitor in horror, knowing what she would do now that she saw her daughter was a force-sensitive Mirandan. The mother immediately cuddled her daughter. “No!”, she shouted, “Please! We’re Mirandans! We can’t use the Force!”. The inquisitor simply smiled. “I know you’re a Mirandan”, said the inquisitor as she ignited her crimson lightsaber, “I should know. I’m a Mirandan too”. As the Mother looked to the inquisitor in horror, she was force pushed into the wall, and knocked out. “Come here youngling, I promise we won’t hurt you”, said the Mirandan sister as she took the youngling away.

Elsewhere in the Outer Rim, Ahsoka Tano sat in her Corellian cruiser. Meditating. And sensed something was out of place. She sensed a feeling of loss and grief, feelings she hadn’t felt in a long time. Desperate, she departed from her ship in an X-wing fighter and headed out to where she sensed the disturbance. As she came out of hyperspace, she saw the Mirandan Transport floating dead in space, with its engine and hyperdrive knocked out. As she flew into the ship’s hangar, she stepped out of her X-wing and looked around. “Hello?”, she asked around, “is anyone aboard?”. Immediately, she saw a Twi’lek female step out of the darkness, with tears in her eyes. “Who are you?”, she asked Ahsoka. “I’m a friend, I’m not here to hurt you. But what is wrong?”. Immediately, she took Ahsoka to her friend, the Mirandan mother, who was sitting on the ground grieving. “A Mirandan?” she asked, “tell me, what happened here?”. She looked to Ahsoka, with tears pouring down her cheeks and her eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep. “They came here”, she told Ahsoka, “the Empire. They took her, my daughter!”. She started crying again, almost screaming from grief. “Who took her?” Ahsoka asked her. “Another Mirandan”, she told her, “she took her. Evil yellow eyes, and a red blade!!”. Ahsoka looked away in shock. It was believed that Mirandans were outside the Force. That they could never be born with its power. But it was not true. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Her daughter had been taken away because she was born sensitive to the Force. It was clear to Ahsoka now. After spending almost 300 years in their own galaxy, the first generations of Mirandans began to show potential in the Force. Had the Jedi Order been active still, they would’ve been protected. And watched over until the time was right. But with no one to protect them, they were vulnerable. Ahsoka looked to the weeping mother and her Twi’lek friend. “Don’t worry”, she told them, “we will get your daughter back, I promise”. As Ahsoka helped the crew of the ship fix their engines and hyperdrive to head back to Miranda, she attempted to make contact with Barriss and Zonia on Miranda. “Wild Card”, said Ahsoka, “this is Fulcrum, come in”. “Fulcrum, this is Wild Card. Reading you loud and clear”, said Barriss. “It sure is nice to hear your voice”, said Ahsoka. “Likewise”, said Barriss, “how can I help you?”. “I ran into a bit of trouble in the Outer Rim, and I discovered a terrible truth”. “What is it?” asked Barriss. “Mirandans are not as outside the Force as we thought. There is at least one Mirandan inquisitor, and she may be operating near you. She is after Mirandan younglings who could be strong with the Force. I need you and Zonia to stay on guard. Send Wild Card 2 and Krieger out on patrol. Maybe they can find out something”. “Will do”, said Barriss, “Wild Card, out”.

As Barriss sat in her quarters, she tried to meditate. Maybe she could sense the force sensitivity of Mirandan younglings through meditation. But it soon became clear that she would not be able to do so. Even she knew that she could not sense Mirandans through the Force. It was the only thing that set them apart from Humans. Everything about them, their height, their appearance, their eye and hair color all seemed to scream at anybody that they were human. The only thing that set them apart, was how disconnected from the Force they were, or so they thought. But it was entirely plausible, that after almost 300 years of living in their own galaxy, they finally had their first generations of Force sensitives. As Barriss sat meditating in her quarters, Zonia knocked on her door. “Enter”, she told her apprentice. Zonia walked into her quarters, eager and motivated. As she talked with her Master, Barriss told Zonia everything that had happened. She told her that not only were there Force-sensitive Mirandans, but also a Mirandan inquisitor on the loose. Who could be dangerous and unpredictable. Zonia was in shock by everything her Master had told her. Not only could they no longer focus on their mission, they now had to help save the innocents of Miranda. As Zonia left Barriss’ quarters, she met up with Jaspar and the two headed into Corinth to see what they could learn. As they got on speeder bikes, they saw that the number of Imperials in Corinth had grown. Everywhere where there had once been Mirandan art and architecture, there were now Imperial barracks and offices, to make sure that the Empire’s presence on Miranda did not go unnoticed, or unchallenged. Soon, they got off their speeder bikes and headed into Zarlos pub, they sat at a booth and looked around. “This sickens me”, said Jaspar. “What does?” asked Zonia. “This pub, the family that owns it has been running it for generations” said Jaspar, “Even before the collapse of our civilization over 3000 years ago”. “Wow”, Zonia gasped in astonishment. “This pub, it’s a tribute to Mirandan history”, said Jaspar, “It’s centuries old, and there used to be Old paintings depicting our culture, and artwork praising the Erisil Guard. But not anymore, the Empire threatened with arrest if they didn’t take down those art pieces and burned them”. “Burned them?” Zonia exclaimed. She was immediately angered by this, not only did the Empire want to impose its rule, it also wanted to force Mirandans to destroy their cultural heritage, or destroy it themselves if necessary. The more he thought about it, the more it angered him. Even Miranda’s peace-keepers, the Erisil Guard who helped preserve Mirandan Culture when their interstellar civilization collapsed, were labeled as traitors by the Empire and sent their inquisitors to hunt them down, just like the Jedi. As they sat in the booth, they looked across to see another group being forced out of their seats by ISB agents, telling them that the establishment was now reserved for Imperials only. As Jaspar looked on with disgust, Zonia grabbed his hand and calmed him down. “Hey, look at me”, said Zonia as Jaspar looked into her silvery-blue eyes. “I don’t like this anymore than you do”, she told him, “we can leave if you want to”. Jaspar nodded, and the two walked out of Zarlos Pub before any imperial could order them to give up their seats. As the two looked around and saw the mighty Corinthian mountains, they saw that the beautiful view the mountains provided in the valley threatened to disappear as Imperial mining equipment arrived from the Core worlds to mine Miranda for its natural resources, as well as for building a space port if they can ever find hyperspace lanes over and under the galaxy, using Miranda as a staging area. As Zonia walked with Jaspar through the rainy streets of Corinth, she immediately sensed something was out of place. Jaspar looked to Zonia, and saw her inquisitive gaze. “What is it?”, he asked her. “Something isn’t right”, she told him. “Is something wrong?”, he asked her. “Wait”, said Zonia, “I think I know what’s wrong, follow me”. Immediately, she got back on her speeder bike, and rode out of Corinth, with Jaspar following behind close by. As they rode through the forest, she finally arrived at an abandoned mine, deep in the mountains overlooking the Corinthian Pass. “What are we doing here?”, asked Jaspar. “Let’s see”, said Zonia. Right away, they turned on their flashlights and headed into the old Mine. “Is this Mine Imperial”, Zonia asked Jaspar. “No”, said Jaspar, “it looks ancient. I think it might predate Mirandan contact with your galaxy”. As they walked through the cave, it started to get darker, and colder. The only light came from glow-worms up on the ceiling. Zonia looked on in astonishment.

“They’re beautiful”, she said to herself as she looked up. All the glow-worms on the ceiling made it look like the night sky, as if gazing upon millions and millions of stars. As they kept walking, they heard a strange sound, like as if they heard a child crying. As they went into a chamber in the cave, they saw a Mirandan youngling crying on the floor in the fetal position. As she turned and saw Zonia and Jaspar approach, she turned around and screamed in fear. “It’s OK!”, shouted Zonia as she approached the youngling, “its ok, were not here to hurt you, we only want to help”. Right away, she held the youngling in her arms, and she cried into Zonia’s shoulder. “It’s OK”, she kept whispering to her, “it’s OK. You’re safe now. Can you tell me who you are?”. “Rachel”, she told her, barely able to get the words out. “I’m Zonia, my name is Zonia, Rachel. We’re not here to hurt you, we only want to get you out”. Suddenly, Zonia’s calming voice was broken by the ignition of a lightsaber. Rachel covered her face in fear, and looked away. Zonia and Jaspar turned around slowly and saw the mysterious presence before them. It was a Mirandan female, with a crimson red lightsaber ignited. “You’re an inquisitor?” Jaspar asked her. “Oh good”, said the inquisitor, “looks like you spoiled it for me”. Suddenly, Zonia and Jaspar were suddenly force-pushed into the cave walls. “I take it you’re the Mirandan Sister?” Zonia asked her as she struggled back up. “Oh, good. You must be Zonia, right?” asked the Mirandan Sister. “You want the youngling? Well come and get her” said Zonia as she ignited her green bladed lightsaber, with Jaspar drawing his swords. “Ah, perfect”, said the Mirandan Sister, “A Jedi and an Erisil Knight. This might be a fight worthy of my time”. Suddenly, she ignited the second blade to her lightsaber and started up its gyroscopic motion. Rachel looked away in fear. “Rachel, please run out of here as fast as you can”, said Zonia. Rachel complied and ran as fast as she could out of the cave, just as the Mirandan Sister charged at Zonia and Jaspar. As she charged, her weapon clashed against theirs and dueled them. As she unleashed her relentless attacks, Zonia and Jaspar struggled to keep up, and kept stepping back to avoid her fury. Jaspar extended his hand and unleashed a fury of lightning, but the Mirandan Sister simply kept her lightsaber between her, and her opponents, and continued her volley of strikes. “You can’t win”, Zonia told the Mirandan Sister, “I know all about what you do, you can’t beat us”. “Oh really?” asked the Mirandan Sister. Right away, she extended her hand and unleashed fury of lightning towards Zonia and Jaspar, knocking them both out. As Jaspar crawled and tried to reach for his swords, one of the Mirandan Sister’s parrot droids sprung from her belt and shocked Jaspar unconscious. As Zonia saw Jaspar lying on the ground motionless, she tried to reach for him, but before she could get near him, the Mirandan Sister reignited her lightsaber and tapped Zonia on the shoulder with it. Zonia screamed in pain as the lightsaber moved across her shoulder, and she gripped her grievous wound painfully, with tears building in her eyes. “While we wait for your friend to come back”, said the Mirandan Sister, “you and I are going to have a talk”. “No”, said Zonia, “I’m not telling you anything”. “I wasn’t asking” said the Mirandan Sister as she used her electrical abilities on Zonia. Zonia screamed in pain as she received the Mirandan Sister’s fury of lightning. The signature ability of Mirandans that gave the Erisil Guard an edge over their foes in combat, was now being used against them, and Zonia. As Zonia lay on the cold, hard floor struggling to breathe, the Mirandan Sister kept questioning her, and torturing her, trying to break her. Finally, Zonia couldn’t take it anymore. All the abuse and torture had finally gotten to her. “Alright! I’ll talk! I’ll talk!!!” she screamed with tears running down her cheeks. But as Zonia was about to tell the Mirandan Sister everything she knew, the igniting of lightsabers caught their attention. As Zonia and the Mirandan Sister looked at the entrance of the chamber, they saw two figures walk towards them. Two figures that Zonia knew all too well. It was Barriss and Ahsoka, with Rachel standing behind them pointing towards the Mirandan Sister. The sadistic inquisitor looked at the two, and laughed. “Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano”, said the Mirandan Sister as she smiled at them, “We’ve been looking for you for a long time”. “Zonia”, said Barriss, “get the youngling back to her mother, and get Jaspar out of here”. Zonia nodded at her Master, and helped Jaspar back to his feet, all while the Mirandan Sister charged at Barriss and Ahsoka. Barriss ignited her purple-bladed lightsaber, and Ahsoka her white-bladed lightsaber, and responded to the Mirandan Sister’s attacks with their own. As Ahsoka made the Mirandan Sister focus her attacks on her, Barriss tapped into her dark side and unleashed a fury of attacks, forcing the Mirandan Sister to assume a more defensive position. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and began to run away from the two. “We need to stop her”, said Ahsoka. “She’s heading straight for Zonia and Jaspar!” shouted Barriss. As Zonia and Jaspar ran out of the abandoned Mine, they finally brought Rachel back to her mother, and she departed on one of their speeder bikes, all while the Mirandan Sister watched. Infuriated, she charged at Zonia and Jaspar with her lightsaber ignited. But right before she could get near Zonia, Jaspar drew both his swords and blocked the inquisitors strike, with each of his swords on her blades. As the Mirandan Sister tried to force Jaspar to step back, he unleashed a fury of lightning into his swords, which passed from his blades into the inquisitors’, causing her lightsaber to short circuit and explode. The explosion was powerful enough to knock out all three of them. As Jaspar struggled back to his feet, he helped Zonia back up and they got back on their last speeder bike. As they rode away, they made their way to the outskirts of an Imperial installation and boarded an Imperial Shuttle so they could get away. It wasn’t long before the stormtroopers at the installation noticed them boarding the shuttle, and immediately began to open fire. Soon, they sat at the controls of the shuttle and started up the engines and flew away, with frustrated stormtroopers blasting at them. But almost as soon as they were airborne, the Mirandan Sister slipped past Barriss and Ahsoka outside of the mine and made her way into her TIE-advanced and pursued Zonia and Jaspar through the atmosphere. All while Barriss and Ahsoka looked on in fear. As Barriss and Ahsoka ran back to the Trailblazer to pursue the Mirandan Sister, the inquisitor kept chasing them, until she forced them to leave Miranda altogether and pursued them through space. “I can’t shake her!” shouted Jaspar as struggled to keep their ship intact. As Jaspar looked around desperately, he saw Kelma, Miranda’s moon, off in the distance. Zonia saw Jaspar’s gaze towards Kelma, and immediately knew what he was thinking. “Jaspar”, said Zonia, “you’re not really considering?”. “We have to”, said Jaspar. “That’s Kelma!”, shouted Zonia, “that place is a minefield! Those geysers could tear this shuttle apart!”. “They could tear her ship up too” explained Jaspar. Right away, he turned his ship towards Kelma and flew it just above the moon’s surface, with Geysers exploding all around them, throwing steam and boulders in every direction. The Mirandan Sister struggled to keep up her attacks through the maelstrom of steam and flying rocks. Finally, her TIE fighter got hit by a boulder right in the windshield, and she could no longer see where she was flying. When Zonia and Jaspar saw the Mirandan Sister abandon her pursuit in frustration, they felt relieved. But as they were flying over the surface of Kelma, their shuttle was suddenly hit in the engine by a flying boulder coming from one of the Geysers. Jaspar struggled to maintain control. “Forget it!”, shouted Zonia, “we’re going down. There are independent life support suits in the hold. We need to get in them now!”. Jaspar complied and abandoned the controls. As they went into the cargo area, they found two ISB pressure suits that would enable them to survive outside, as Kelma has no atmosphere. As soon as they were in suits, they braced for crash-landing. The shuttle tossed and rolled until it came to a halt, leaving a trail of debris on the surface.

Back on Miranda, Barriss and Ahsoka sensed everything that just happened. Barriss collapsed on her knees in anguish. “I’m sorry Zonia”, said Barriss, “I have failed you”. “Don’t talk like that Barriss”, said Ahsoka, “they’re alive somewhere up there. We would’ve felt it if we lost her. We’ll take the trailblazer and fly up there to rescue there”. But before they could do anything else, Ahsoka received a call on her commlink. “Commander Tano”, said a voice over the commlink, “this is Commander Sato, you are needed to report back to the fleet. We came under attack, we have sustained heavy casualties. We need you back at the command ship”. Ahsoka could not believe what she just her. “Barriss”, said Ahsoka, “I, I…”. Ahsoka hanged her head down, unsure of what else to say. “Ahsoka”, said Barriss, “they need you more than I do. I’ll find her on my own if I have to”. Ahsoka looked up to her and nodded, and departed back to the rebel fleet in her X-wing fighter. “May the Force be with you”, said Ahsoka, “Barriss and Zonia”. Barriss looked up and saw Ahsoka’s ship leave off in the distance. “May the force be with you Ahsoka” said Barriss.

Back up on Kelma, Zonia and Jaspar stumbled out of the wreckage. Although they were able to get into pressurized suits at the last moment, they were stranded on Kelma. They looked around. Instead of seeing Miranda’s blue skies with white swirling clouds, they saw nothing but a black sky, with the sun glowing brightly in the sky. Instead of seeing the snow covered mountains of the Corinthian Divide, they saw nothing but bare black mountains, and a rugged terrain that almost completely covers the moon. “What should we do?” asked Zonia. “I don’t know”, said Jaspar, “maybe we can find the remains of our old colonies. We could use it to build a transmitter and call for help. As Zonia thought about what Jaspar had told her, she looked to his Oxygen tank on his back, and was terrified by what she saw. “Jaspar, according to your tank, you have about an hour left of breathing air” Zonia explained to her. Jaspar checked Zonia’s tank. She had about an hour left of air too. “We’re not going to make it to the colonies” said Zonia, “we’re going to die here”. Jaspar paced around on the dark, rocky surface. As he kneeled down, he grabbed some sand and held it in his glove, and then let it go. As Zonia collapsed knowing that they had a short time left to live, Jaspar walked up to her, and sat next to her, and held her hand. “At least we don’t have to be alone”, he told her. Zonia looked into Jaspar’s eyes, and was once again, captivated by his gaze. Jaspar looked into Zonia’s beautiful Silvery-blue eyes, and could see the sparkles building in her eyes. They tried to reach for a kiss, but couldn’t because of the helmets that were keeping them alive in Kelma’s harsh environment. As they hugged and embraced each other, a single tear went down Zonia’s cheek, but when she opened her eyes, she saw a shining object off in the distance. “What’s that?” asked Zonia. She pointed at the shining object off in the distance. Standing out against Kelma’s dark surface, it was clear that this object was made not by nature, but crafted by intelligent hands. It wasn’t long before they finally made it to the object, Kelma’s low gravity made the walk there very easy, but when they finally did make it, Jaspar picked it up. “What is it?” asked Zonia. Jaspar held it in his hands, it resembled an ax of sorts. “An ancient miner’s pick-ax maybe?” said Jaspar. But as Jaspar held it in his hands, he saw an inscription on it that immediately caught his attention. It literally said ERISIL-7. Jaspar looked at the pick-ax in disbelief. “It can’t be”, said Jaspar. “What is is?”, asked Zonia. “It’s from the Erisil 7 mission”, said Jaspar, “thousands and thousands of years ago, when my people first learned to fly in space, we constructed a massive gun. This gun fired projectiles in it with passengers on board. It was crude, but it was how we first learned how to fly in space”. “What’s Erisil 7?” asked Zonia. “Erisil 7 was the first mission we sent to put our people on Kelma”, said Jaspar, “according to the inscription on the pick-ax, it’s from that mission, but that doesn’t make any sense, we never found the landing site again. The last time there was anybody there was thousands of years ago”. “Maybe we should find out”, said Zonia, “we might as well risk it”. Jaspar looked to Zonia, and nodded in agreement. Soon, they started jumping from one spot to another. Normal walking was impossible in Kelma’s weak gravity. They hopped everywhere. As they kept hopping, they saw more and more evidence that they were not the first ones there. They found rocks that had their tips chipped away, they saw shallow trenches dug into the ground running parallel to one another. Without an atmosphere, and change made to Kelma’s surface can easily last for thousands of years. Soon, they came across footprints. Footprints that had not been made by them. Jaspar’s jaw dropped and looked at the footprints in amazement. “I don’t believe it”, said Jaspar. Right away, Zonia and Jaspar followed the footprints, until they led them to a crater. The crater was massive, clearly made by a meteor impact long ago over a mile wide and over 600 feet deep. And there, sitting near the center of the crater, were the lander legs of the original Erisil 7 mission. They wasted no time, they climbed down the crater walls and walked up to the Lander legs of the ancient spacecraft. They looked on in astonishment. By the time that the Triumphant, the very battleship that they were looking for, was built, the spacecraft that stood before them was already ancient, and even more so now. As Jaspar looked on in astonishment, Zonia collapsed. Her air supply had finally run out. “Zonia!”, Jaspar cried out, but soon, even he stumbled. His air supply had finally run out as well. As he looked to the lander legs, he noticed that a door along the side had been left slightly open. When he opened it further, he sighed in relief at what he saw. Of the four spare Oxygen tanks that it carried in that compartment, two of there were still there. And they were still full of pressure. Using what strength he had left, he grabbed one of the Oxygen tanks and connected it to Zonia’s pressure suit. Zonia coughed and started gasping for breath as soon as it was plugged in. It may be thousands of years old, but it was still life giving Oxygen. Zonia then helped Jaspar put the other tank into his suit, giving them 12 more hours of life on Kelma. As they looked around the lander legs, Zonia noticed something that should not be there. She couldn’t believe her eyes. “Jaspar”, said Zonia, “you’d better come take a look at this”. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Etched on the side of the lander, was a heart. A heart with the names ‘Lily’ and ‘Melro’ written inside it. “Looks like we’re not the first ones back here”, said Zonia. “Whoever this couple was”, said Jaspar, “they must’ve found this place and decided to leave it a secret. They might be the ones that took the other two spare tanks. There should’ve been four, but there were only two”. “We should leave it our secret”, said Zonia, “If the Empire ever learns we found this place, they’ll waste no time in destroying it”. Jaspar nodded in agreement. As they prepared to leave, Zonia and Jaspar did the same that Lily and Melro did, thousands of years before them. Etching their names into the side of the lander with a rock, and circling their names with a heart. As they left the crater, they looked back at the historical landing site that saved their lives. Not only with providing them with life giving Oxygen, but also spare parts to build a transmitter. “It’s sure been here a long time”, said Zonia. “And it’ll stay here”, said Jaspar, “hopefully, long after you and I are gone. But our names will last for centuries”. As they looked back to Erisil 7 one last time, they departed and moved on.

After Jaspar made a makeshift transmitter out of the spare parts, Zonia immediately tried making contact with Barriss. It wasn’t long before Barriss finally picked up on the other end. “Zonia!”, Barriss cried out, “are you OK?”. “We’re OK Master”, said Zonia, “We’ve actually never been better”. Barriss finally breathed a sigh of relief, and Zonia could sense it. “I think we’d like to go home”, said Zonia. “Yes”, said Barriss, “that sounds good right about now”. Not long afterwards, the trailblazer flew overhead, slowly and carefully to avoid being taken down by the geysers, and Zonia and Jaspar boarded the ship.

As they got back on the ship, they finally took off their suits and breathed fresh air for the first time in hours. As they sat on their special booth in the galley, they looked outside the window and cuddled together. As they sat together, Zonia feeling safe in Jaspar’s arms, she noticed something on the surface of Kelma that shouldn’t be there. If they were flying any higher, she would’ve never been able to see them as the mist left from Kelma’s geysers conceals the surface in places, same reason as why the Erisil 7 landing site was never found. As she looked down, she saw what looked like large, long streaks left scarred on the surface. As if a massive object had been dragged across the landscape. Right away, Zonia called Barriss to show her. Barriss immediately ordered the pilots to land the ship. As they got into pressure suits and explored the surface, Barriss found something that shocked her to her core. When she showed it to Zonia and Jaspar, they were immediately astonished. It was an old helmet, with the words ‘TSS Triumphant’ written on the back. TO BE CONTINUED…

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