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Star Wars: Zonia's Story Part 2

They called me everything. Abomination, witch of the mist, Inquisitor Cadet, Devil. But I was not what they said I was or what they were trying to make me. Even though they tried to break me down, they could never destroy me. Whenever they addressed me, they addressed me as Inquisitor Cadet. But that was not my identity. My identity, who I was, I had to choose for myself. My destiny, however, uncertain. Although I don’t know what the future holds, I know one thing is certain. I am not one of them, and never will be. My name is Zonia. And this is my story.

I was born to the Nightsister’s Coven on Dathomir shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. I don’t remember much of my life as a Nightsister. I was still only a toddler when I was taken away. But being born as a Nightsister, I was born with one of the most unusual talents in the Galaxy: I was born sensitive to The Force. My fellow Nightsisters had used their natural talents with The Force to their advantage, being able to defend our beloved Dathomir from outsiders. However, as strong as our connection to the Force was, using the light side alone proved insufficient to survive on Dathomir, as well as defending it from our enemies. To make our skills with The Force sharper, we tapped into the dark side. But it wasn’t that simple. Whenever any force sensitive tapped into the dark side, they put themselves at risk at succumbing to its power. Eventually, their pursuit of that power destroyed their identity. The only thing they would care about was becoming more powerful, regardless of the cost, for their own self-interest. Such Selfishness could not be tolerated where we were dependent on one another for survival in the Hell known as Dathomir. So we trained, and disciplined ourselves, to tap into the dark side for OUR benefit. Have the power of the dark side in our favor. When I was little, my mother had always told me that if I was to tap into the dark side, I must not do so in my own self-interest. I must keep in mind the safety and lives of my fellow sisters. But such an event never came to be. When I was little, I saw the most horrendous scene in my entire life. It looked as if though the sky was falling. At the time I didn’t know it, but it was an invasion Army by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, also known as the separatists. One of our own, Asajj Ventress, was previously the apprentice of Count Dooku, the Separatist leader. But while he was teaching her the ways of the dark side, he suddenly turned against her and betrayed her. When Asajj Ventress, with help and support from the other Nightsisters, tried to take revenge against her former master, He tracked her and the other Nightsisters back to Dathomir and sent his Droid General Grievous to wipe us out. I don’t remember much of what happened afterwards. All I remember is my mother grabbing a hold of me and taking me deep into the dark forest near our village. She hid me inside of a hollow log and told me to stay quiet and stay hidden, and that she would come back for me. But she never came. Within only a few minutes, the clashing of battle droids falling and blaster fire began to cease. It was clear to me at the time that the fighting was over. But my mother never came back for me. I had waited in that hollow log for several hours, unsure of what had happened. Finally, I had grown impatient and I went outside to see what had happened. I saw my village in flames. My entire clan had been wiped out. I was in shock by what I saw. I covered my face, and I ran away crying. Crying for my mother. But she never responded. I had become so distracted while I was running, that I ran into him. I was petrified. His eyes yellow as the sands of Tatooine, and all four of his arms seemed to reach out for me. I collapsed in the dirt. Unsure of what he would do to me. But before anything else happened, he received a call on his holo transmitter.

“Count Dooku”, his maniacal voice seemed to scrape out “General Grievous, have the Nightsisters been dealt with?” “Almost my Lord, There is but one straggler still left. A youngling. Should I finish her off?” The droid general looked at me and ignited one of his laser swords, trophies he had taken from his vanquished foes, and pointed it towards me. “Do not harm the girl, General”, said the old man on the holo-transmitter, “We have other uses for her” Right away, the droid general looked at me and tried to grab me. I ran away from him, ran as fast as I could. “Come here youngling”, said the Droid General, “I promise we won’t hurt you”.

But I didn’t trust him. The maniacal tone of his voice offered little reassurance. As I hid behind a tree, I tried using what little I knew of the Force to try to make a tree fall on top of him, or summon a wild Rancor, or something that could get him to leave me alone. As I hid behind the tree, his laser sword sliced the tree clean in half and I screamed loudly. I felt so helpless. In my fear, I managed to Force-push him away. Only a little, but not enough. I ran as fast as I could until finally, one of the battle droids that was used to wipe out my people fired a stun blast at me, and everything went black from there. I cannot remember a thing. All I remember is waking up in a prison cell. Empty, and alone. I paced around that prison cell for what seemed like hours. Eventually, a Holo-transmitter turned on in the prison cell. It looked like it was linked to the HoloNews network, transmitting from the Galactic Republic. It was on that hologram that I saw the very first images of what the clone wars were really about. From the looks of it, it looked like a very bloody war. At the time, I was too little to understand what had happened. But I do remember one thing very clearly. I remember who was there leading the charges of clones every single time. It was the Jedi Knights of the Republic. I remember how the broadcasts were playing out. At first, it praised the Republic victories on planets such as Umbara and Geonosis. But eventually, the broadcasts became more and more negative. It seemed that public opinion about the Jedi had gone downhill rapidly, and many blamed the Jedi for starting the war. I was locked in that cell for who knows how long. The only time anything ever went in or out is when they delivered my tray of food. Even then, I couldn’t see who delivered it. The only thing keeping me occupied was the HoloNews network. I kept updated with the ongoing Clone Wars, even though at the time, I was far too young to understand what was really going on. Eventually, I got used to the Holo-transmissions beaming images of the Jedi leading assaults on Separatist planets. Until one day, I received a broadcast that was unlike any other. This time, instead of the Jedi leading an attack, the Jedi were attacked themselves. A huge explosion rocked the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After many months of seeing the Jedi victorious, how could the separatists have become powerful or skillful enough to attack the Jedi temple on Coruscant? As the investigation led on, it wasn’t long before the accused bomber was finally caught. A Togruta named Ahsoka Tano. Not long afterwards, I saw her trial before the whole Galactic Senate of the Republic. I found it so weird that despite all the evidence against her, she still denied in having any role in the bombing. Later, I would find out she was telling the truth. Just as the Galactic Senate was about to pronounce her guilty and sentence her to die, another Jedi broke into the court room. And he had good reason for breaking into the court room, he had brought the real temple bomber with him. “Barriss Offee”, was her name according to the Jedi. Finally, the real temple bomber confessed to why she had committed the crime. I didn’t think much of her speech, but there was one line that caught my attention.

“This Republic is failing! And it’s only a matter of time…” Those were her words. But what did she mean? It looked like they were doing good at winning the Clone War. How could the Republic have been failing? It wasn’t long before the answer finally came in the most disturbing way imaginable. An Emergency broadcast soon came into the HoloNews broadcast. It said that the Jedi had attempted to assassinate the Chancellor in an attempt to take over the Republic. I was in complete shock. Could it have been true? Did the peace-keepers of legends really try to assassinate the Chancellor? Another broadcast came in, it was the Chancellor addressing the Galactic Senate of the Republic. I watched him as he proclaimed the First Galactic Empire, promising peace and security for years to come. And that was it. It was the last broadcast I had watched in that tiny cell. From there on, there were no more HoloNews broadcasts. Nothing but silence. It was maddening. I was only a little kid, locked in a cage like an animal. I had become so enraged, that I tried breaking out of the cell with my Force abilities. I crushed the steel walls, dented, and scraped them. I dented the walls so much, that the paint fell clean off. I exercised my body, my reflexes, and my abilities with the Force to try to pass the time. But it was so maddening. The one thing I had keeping me sane was that Holo-transmitter. And now it’s been shut off for no reason. Eventually, I grew tired of these dehumanizing conditions. Whenever they delivered my tray of food, I threw it back out. I was too angry and depressed to keep eating. I had lost everything. My clan, My mother. I was all alone. Abandoned. Forgotten. Until one day, something happened. The prison door sprang open. I looked up, it was the first time in a long time that the doors had finally opened. There, standing in the doorway was one of the strangest and most terrifying sights I had ever seen. It was clearly a Devaronian, but not like any I had known about. He wore a dark uniform with armor on his shoulders, and a strange emblem that I would later learn was the Imperial insignia. He carried a lightsaber, but not like those of the Jedi. Instead of fixing it to his belt, he had it fixed to his back. And the lightsaber itself was very different. Around the lightsaber hilt, it looked like it had a half moon-shaped metal plate extending from one end of the hilt to the other. The Devaronian smiled at me as he walked in my cell.

“Hello little one, who might you be?” He asked me in a very polite and friendly manner. Nonetheless, I was still petrified by his presence. “Zonia”, I said, “My name is Zonia”. “It’s nice to meet you Zonia. My name is Olmon. Olmon Sadiph. But you can just call me Inquisitor”. “Inquisitor?”, I asked him, “why that?” He didn’t say a word. He just closed his Yellow hued eyes and chuckled. One of the broken horns on top of his head seemed to dance in the air as he chuckled. “You’ll see, come along”. He grabbed me by the hand and led me out of the prison cell. I couldn’t see where we were walking. It was a dark and narrow corridor, so I grabbed onto his hand tightly to keep from bumping into a wall, or something else. Eventually, he led me into another room. The room was large, and spacious. In the center of the room was a table filled with food. And not just any food, but really delicious delicacies. And deserts and pastries too. “Help yourself”, said the Inquisitor, “you must be starving”. After the last few days in which I had refused to eat anything, I dug in and stuffed myself. I ate so much that I felt sick afterwards. Eventually, he led me to another cell. It wasn’t my prison cell, it was larger and the bed was more comfortable. “Get a good night’s sleep little one, we have a long day tomorrow” said the Inquisitor I didn’t think much of what he said, I just laid in bed and went to sleep. The next day, the inquisitor came to wake me up and he brought me to a large courtyard. It was here that I finally saw sunlight for the first time in a long time. I looked around, and I saw that I had been held in a palace this whole time. As I gazed at the towers and Minarets that the palace sported on its roof, I saw the Inquisitor pick up a crate and bring it to me. When he opened it, he revealed a lightsaber, identical to his. I picked it up, it felt heavy. “You’ll get used to it”, he told me.

As I tried ‘getting used to it’, I ignited it. I watched a crimson blade spring out of the hilt, and it glowed in front of me, producing a static sound like I’ve never heard before. “Before we get to that”, said the Inquisitor, “lets do something else”. He pointed to a stone in front of me. “I want you to lift it. Use the Force and pick up the stone” I tried, but couldn’t do it. “I want you to unleash yourself. Your hatred, your anger. Unleash it!” I still couldn’t do it. “Think of your Nightsisters, your mother! How does it make you feel that they were all slaughtered like animals at the hands of that Droid General?!” He went too far. I was angry. And I mean really angry. Not only did I lift the stone, I made it fly across the courtyard and made it crash into the palace walls. “Good, good. Your hatred, your anger. Let it give you more focus. Let it make you more powerful!” I listened to the Inquisitors words intently. And I also heard my Mothers words too. What would she think of me if she saw me tap this far into the dark side? I collapsed, and I cried. “Pathetic” That was the only thing the Devaronian had to say, he couldn’t have said anything more painful and insensitive. But before the Devaronian could say any more, another being, a Pau’an entered the courtyard. “I will take it from here, Sadiph” said the Pau’an. He looked at the stone I crashed into the palace wall, and back to me. “I see you’re learning to the ways of the dark side already”, said the Pau’an, “How Admirable. May I allow you to show you something?” he asked me as he outstretched his dark cold hands.

I nodded yes and grabbed his hand. As he led me back into the palace, he told me everything that had happened in the time I was locked up. I asked him why I was locked up in the first place, but he seemed to evade my questions. But what he would tell me shocked me to my core. He told me that the Jedi had started the Clone War. He told me that the whole Clone War was a plot manipulated by the Jedi in order to distract the Chancellor and the Senate so they could spread themselves across the galaxy and take over. I was in total shock by what he told me. Everything I had learned about the Jedi was a lie. And this whole time, I looked up to them. Then the Pau’an told me something else. That the empire prevailed and that very few Jedi remain. He told me that the duty of the Inquisitors, like him and Sadiph, was to hunt down and destroy the last Jedi. He told me that if it weren’t for the war started by the Jedi, that Droid General Grievous would have never come to my homeworld and wipe out everyone I knew and loved. Finally, that’s when I gave them my full commitment. That’s when I realized, that like him and Sadiph, I too wanted to become an inquisitor, to avenge my Mother and fellow Nightsisters. Eventually, my Force abilities heightened, and my skills with a lightsaber improved, even though my gyroscopic lightsaber could spin, I never did so out of fear it would injure me. That and it interfered with my fighting style. I trained under him, and Sadiph for years, in that Palace on Serreno. And when I wasn’t learning the ways of the dark side, I studied the enemy I would one day have to face: the Jedi. To me, they were nothing but savage barbarians. With no respect for life or Justice. If it hadn’t been for them, I would be on Dathomir right now, living with my fellow Nightsisters. I HATE THEM! Finally, by the time I was fourteen years old, I had learned to use my lightsaber, how to use the Force in combat, and I learned other skills such as flying a starship or tracking down criminals. When I was fourteen, both Sadiph and the Pau’an had decided that I was ready for the Ultimate Test: My first Jedi kill. The Pau’an would not be around to watch me perform my test. He had other duties to tend to. So it was the Devaronian inquisitor Sadiph that would monitor me taking the test.

“Your first exam will be easy. You won’t have to track down any Jedi. We have one already captured for you. Your job and only job is to perform the duty you have been trained for: To kill the Jedi”.

I told him I was ready to proceed. And soon enough, he led me through a dark room in the center of the palace and turned on the lights. When he opened the gate, I saw my first opponent come out. It was clearly a female by the look of it, but that was all I could tell. She was moving so fast that I initially had trouble keeping up with her fast attacks. Her green bladed lightsaber clashed against mine. But eventually, I remembered everything the Jedi had done in the Clone War. What they had committed. If it weren’t for them, I would still be home and I would still have everything that I lost. I screamed in anger and I returned all of my strikes with speed and power. I clashed my lightsaber onto hers repeatedly as if I was swinging an ax, until finally, I managed to burn her leg and disarm her. I kept my lightsaber pointed towards her as I prepared for the kill. She was wearing a mask over her face and when I had finally defeated her, it fell off. What I saw shocked me to my core. It wasn’t a monster. It wasn’t something that looked like it could cause me harm. It was a Mirialan female, about my age. I looked into her crystal blue eyes. She was petrified with fear. I saw my reflection in her eyes, and I was as terrified as she was. I could kill her right here and right now if I really wanted to, and I did just moments before. Except that I couldn’t. “What are you waiting for? Finish her off!” shouted Sadiph who was watching from a distance away.

But I couldn’t. She was just as terrified as I was. I took a step back, and dropped my lightsaber. I looked to Sadiph who clearly had a disappointed grin on his face. Immediately, he drew his lightsaber and walked towards me and the wounded Mirialan. “Pathetic!” shouted Sadiph as he approached the Mirialan, and proceeded immediately to impale her with his lightsaber. I covered my hands and started to cry. “I gave you everything! I gave you the chance for Revenge! And this is how you repay me?!” Now I was even more terrified. I stepped away from the now lifeless Mirialan Padawan and the enraged Inquisitor now with his lightsaber drawn. I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t have time to think. I simply did what I naturally did best when I was this petrified with fear. I extended both of my hands and force pushed Sadiph into a wall, and knocked him out. Right away, I grabbed his lightsaber from his hand and ran away. As I ran into the woods and away from the Palace, I began to think more clearly. Who knows what they would do to me if they ever caught me? I took no chances. I knew one thing was certain. I could no longer stay on Serreno. As I went into the spaceport, I began to look around to see if there were any ships around. The spaceport was tiny, and I could only see one ship. Right away, I approached the Bounty Hunter who owned the ship, his name was Boba Fett. He was a very intimidating man, he wore Old Mandalorian armor and carried a Blaster pistol on his belt.

“I need a ride off-world”, I told the bounty hunter. “I’m a bounty hunter, not a Taxi-man. Who don’t you go and get lost?” “How much would it cost for a ride?” I asked him. “Again, I’m a bounty hunter, I don’t ‘give rides’, especially not on my ship”. “I can pay you well”, I told him. “Oh really? How so?” he asked me. “With this”, I said holding Sadiph’s lightsaber, “How much do you reckon it’s worth on the black market?”. I looked at him, but because of his helmet, I couldn’t see his eyes. So I had no way of knowing if he was thinking about accepting my offer or not. “You got yourself a deal”, he said. “Good, we need to leave now. Take me to Dathomir” “Dathomir?!”, he exclaimed, “There’s nothing but mist and dead witches there!” “I know, just take me close enough to the surface so I can jump off. I can take care of myself from there”

Right away, he led me to his ship, and we took off into hyperspace on route to Dathomir. As we arrived over the surface, he told me to make it quick as he already had potential buyers willing to buy Sadiph’s lightsaber. I did as he instructed and I jumped off his ship just as it was about to go back into hyperspace. And here I was. Back at the planet of my birth. Dathomir. It felt very different coming back here. In reality, it felt no different than being in a large prison cell. Once again, I was all alone. As I tried to look for my village, I felt a cold like I had never felt before. I knew all too well what it was. It was the dark side of the Force. As I made it back to my village, I quickly found a bow and arrow and decided to go out and try to hunt for some food. It had been a while since my last meal back on Serreno, and I was really hungry. Things had begun to change since the last time I was here. While I was hiking through the dark forest, I came across what looked like old Mining equipment. Imperial mining equipment. At one point, the Empire had tried to mine this planet, but left for unknown reasons. As I kept hiking, I heard what sounded like a monstrous roar coming from deep in the dark forest. As I followed the roar to its source, I was petrified by what I saw. It was a Rancor. A very large Rancor throwing a tantrum. As I tried backing away quietly from the Rancor, I accidently stepped on a branch and it cracked, catching the Rancor’s attention on me. I was terrified. My bow and arrow was useless against a beast like this. As the Rancor prepared to charge, I outstretched my hand to see if I could connect with it through the force. Just as it was about to pounce on me, the rancor stopped. I opened my eyes, and I saw the Rancor lying down in front of me. When I tried to make my connection stronger, I realized why the Rancor was throwing a tantrum. It had lost its cub to a group of stormtroopers when the Empire had tried mining this place. I tried calming the Rancor down. I put my hand on forehead and tried to calm her down.

“Shhh, Shh, it’s ok. I lost my family too” As the beast sensed my empathy, she looked at me gave a very low purr. I didn’t know Rancors were capable of purring. As the Rancor calmed down, she got back up and went back into the depths of the dark forest. I felt something different from there on. Instead of feeling anger, or hate, I felt something else. I felt compassion, empathy. Emotions I didn’t think I was still capable of feeling. When I went back into what was once my village, I went through all the artefacts that my fellow Nightsisters had collected over the years. But while I was searching through what was now, just a mess of junk, I found a crate with a label on it that said “Jedi Items”. When I opened it, I found a collection of Lightsabers and ancient texts. At this time, I still despised the Jedi. Knowing that the whole Clone War, and the wiping out of my fellow Nightsisters, could’ve never happened if it weren’t for them. But as I searched through the all the stuff in that crate, I found one item in particular that was unlike anything I had seen before. It looked like a cube, a tesseract of some kind. At first, it looked like nothing more than just a piece of junk. I put it in my pouch for safe keeping, just in case it had any kind of value. After I finished going through all that stuff in the ‘Jedi Crate’, I went outside to try to meditate. I don’t know what to do now that I’m here, and I certainly did not like being all alone. But I decided to use the best of this relaxing silence that seemed to cover all of Dathomir. As I sat cross legged and tried to meditate, I heard movement come from inside my pouch. When I opened my pouch to see what was causing me to lose focus, I saw that it was the tesseract that was trying to come apart. When I let it out of my pouch and saw it float in midair, I was astonished by what I saw. The tesseract had a holo-projector built into it. When it turned on, it projected the image of a Jedi. A Jedi Master by the looks of his robes and semi-scruffy appearance. Then, he started to speak…

“This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both our Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen, with the dark shadow of the Empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi: trust in the Force. Do not return to the Temple; that time has passed, and our future is uncertain. We will each be challenged: our trust, our faith, our friendships. But we must persevere and, in time, a new hope will emerge. May the Force be with you, always.”

I was confused. What did he mean? As I began to explore all the files on that Tesseract, or Holocron, as I later learned was its correct name, I began to learn more and more about the Jedi. And the more I learned about the Jedi, the more I learned that everything that the Pau’an and Sadiph had taught me was a lie. The Jedi didn’t start the Clone War. I finally learned that the Clone war was nothing more than a plot orchestrated by the Jedi’s ancient enemies: The Sith. They orchestrated the Clone Wars with the intention of spreading them far across the Galaxy so they could order their Clone troopers to execute them when the time came. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I kicked the holocron away from me and ran back into my village. I collapsed in tears. Everything I had been taught these last few years was a Lie. The Jedi were not the villains I was taught they were. In fact, I had been serving the villains this whole time. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t like them. That’s why I couldn’t kill that Mirialan girl back on Serreno. That’s why I ran away. Because my compassion had gotten in the way. As I lay crying, I heard whispers coming out of the darkness. As they got closer, I heard a dark but familiar voice speak to me.

“Why do you cry child?” I looked around frantically. I thought I was all alone. “Who’s there?” I asked frantically. “Do not worry”, she told me, “know that I am here because you are here. But why do you cry?” “I lost everything”, I told her, “and everything I had learned in my time away from here was a lie”. “And for this, you come back here?” “Yes”, I told her, “I don’t have anywhere else to go”. “Hmm”, she said, “Your past is very tragic. But a few sad chapters don’t mean that it’s the end of your story. Your destiny is much greater than you realize” “who are you?” I asked her. Finally, she revealed herself to me. I saw a specter float towards me. Any other time, I would’ve been terrified. But not this time. I was surprisingly curious. “I was once the leader of the Nightsisters”, she said, “I am Mother Talzin”. “Mother Talzin? Is it really you?” “Of course”, she told me, “I am here because this is the only place where I can manifest myself. But why are you here?” “I guess it’s because I have nowhere else to go. Of the two lives I have known, one of them is gone, and the other was a lie” “Your destiny is greater than you imagine”, she told me, “As a Nightsister, you can harness the power of the Force” “But how?”, I asked her, “The only way I, as a Nightsister, can truly use the force is if I tap into the dark side. Who will teach me to use the Force? Is there anyone outside of the Empire or the Nightsisters left to teach me? Who can teach me to tap into the dark side safely?” “Your destiny lies beyond the Nightsisters, or the Empire”, she told me, “if you truly wish to avenge your sisters, you must learn the ways of the Force, there is but one way to do so. You must become a Jedi”

I was shocked by what she told me. From the very beginning, I knew that the Nightsisters and the Jedi Order did not see each other eye to eye, and now she’s suggesting I join them? What is the logic in that? Somehow, Mother Talzin’s spirit could sense what I was thinking and she smiled.

“Remember this: ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. The Jedi and the Nightsisters have an enemy in common: the Sith. This Empire was brought about by a Sith Lord called Darth Sidious. Both he and his apprentice started the war that led to the purge of both the Jedi, and the Nightsisters. If you wish to avenge us, you must become a Jedi yourself” “But Mother”, I told her, “you and I both know that I will be far stronger as a dark sider, something that the Jedi don’t allow. What Jedi would allow me to learn to tap into the dark side?” “There is one Jedi who can teach you to control your dark side” she told me as she faded away. “Wait, don’t go! I still have questions!”

And just like that, she was gone. But as she disappeared into the mist, I heard the roar of a ship’s engines fly overhead. Why would a ship want to land here? By the looks of it, it was an old Mandalorian freighter. I followed the ship to see where it would land. As I hid in the brush, I saw one of the strangest sights I had ever seen. I saw a Togruta female, with a pair of lightsabers fixed to her belt, and three Clones exit the ship. I thought the clones were ordered to kill the Jedi, why weren’t they firing at her? But as I got closer, I could sense something was out of place. All four of them were grieving, as if they had lost a loved one. I still didn’t know what to think of them. I didn’t know if they were friendly or not. I waited outside as they went into the cave in my village. But as I waited for them to come out, I heard Mother Talzin’s voice.

“Go in and greet them”, she whispered to me. I didn’t question her, I just simply went in. As I went into the cave, they looked at me. One of the clones had a missing eye, and he looked at me with distrust, and kept his hand on his blaster. The Togruta looked at me with curiosity. “Who are you?” she asked me.

I looked at her with a little fear and a little curiosity. She looked very familiar. I gulped down and answered her question. “Zonia”, I answered her, “My name is Zonia”. “You’re a nightsister?”, she asked me. “I used to be, yes”, I answered her, “Who are you?” “Ahsoka”, she said, “My name is Ahsoka Tano”. “I’ve heard about you. Aren’t you a Jedi?” I asked her. She sucked on her lips a bit and went into deep thought, and closed her eyes. “No”, she told me, “I am not. Not anymore at least”. “Why are you here?”, I asked her. “To inform Mother Talzin that one of her friends has been killed”, answered Ahsoka, in a very sad manner. “Mother Talzin spoke of a Jedi who could train me”, I told her, “Of a Jedi who could teach me to control my dark side, do you know of any such Jedi?” I asked her. Ahsoka thought long and hard. Almost as if the very question hurt her. “Yes, I do”, she said, “but she has been captured”.

Her reply stabbed me in the heart like a thousand knives. Here, I had the chance to finally redeem myself for working for the Empire, and now, it seems like the Empire took that chance away from me. “Do you know where she is?” I asked her. “One of the rebel cells I help manage told me that she is being held in Count Shary’s palace on Serreno”, she told me. Like the flick of a lightbulb, I was ecstatic to tell her everything that I knew. “I was on Serreno for a while!” I exclaimed, “and in that Palace too! I can help you rescue your friend”. “You know the layout of that palace?” Ahsoka asked me. “Yes!” I almost screamed, “We could rescue her!” “Let me see what I can do”, she told me.

I followed Ahsoka outside so she could get a signal on her commlink, and immediately tried to contact somebody named ‘Bail Organa’. “Senator Organa, this is Fulcrum, Come in” “Nice to hear from you my friend”, he told her, “What can I do for you?” “We ran into trouble on Kashyyyk”, she told Organa, “Wild Card has been captured. I am requesting permission to go and launch a rescue mission to Serreno”. “But senator, I have somebody with me who knows the layout of the facility where she is being held, I am certain we can help her”. “Serreno is too deep in Imperial Space”, said Organa, “If something goes wrong, we won’t be able to help you. And we can’t risk our own fighters just to rescue one”. “But Senator”, said Ahsoka. “I’m sorry my friend”, but I can’t help you, “We need you more than ever. A Gathering of rebel cells is meeting in the Yavin system. I need you there”. “Copy”, said Ahsoka, “We’ll meet you there”. I was angry. The one chance I had of being able to strike a crippling blow to the Empire, I had lost it. Now, I don’t know what else to do.

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