• Jesus Armenta

Star Wars: Storm Across the Galaxy Part 2

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles out in space, Ahsoka’s fleet came out of hyperspace and started heading towards Serreno. Not long afterwards, the starship Ghost came out of Hyperspace and joined Ahsoka’s fleet. “Rogue 2”, said Ahsoka, “how much resistance can we expect”. “Well”, said Wedge, “We’ve got a few star destroyers and heaven-knows how many TIE fighters. It’s gonna take a lot to punch a hole through that if we wanna make it to the surface. Even if we do make it, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to make it back”. “I guess that’s a risk we’ll have to take”, said Ahsoka, “we’re too deep in to pull out now”. Immediately, all the ships gunned their engines to full throttle and began to open fire on the Star Destroyers. The Star Destroyers soon responded by sending waves of TIE fighters after the attacking ships. “There’s so many of them!” cried out one of the X-wing pilots. “Just hold it together, we can make it!” cried Ahsoka. Soon, the fleet passed nerve-wrenchingly close to the Star Destroyers and prepared to go into the Atmosphere. But now, all the TIEs that were sent after them had turned around and began attacking the fleet from behind. “Ghost to Trailblazer squadron, come in! see if you can find some cloud cover”. “Copy that Ghost”, said Ahsoka. Seconds later, Ahsoka had her entire squadron fly behind her and they flew into thick cloud cover. From there, the TIE fighters stopped chasing the ships and reported to the Imperial fleet that the rebel ships went missing. The Imperial fleet, in turn, reported to Count Shary’s palace that the rebel ships went missing and were last seen heading in their direction: where Barriss was being held. Immediately, Count Shary started running around the control room of his palace, shouting out orders to security. He ordered all of them to be on high alert and to report and engage any rebels attempting to enter the palace. “Sir”, said one of the guards, “are we really any match for these rebels?”. “Alone?” asked Count Shary, “not for these rebels. But with him, you are unstoppable” said Count Shary as he pointed to a bounty hunter in Mandalorian Armor. “This is Boba Fett”, said Count Shary, “He’ll keep you on task”. Within moments, Boba Fett grabbed a sniper rifle, ignited his jetpack, and flew up to the roof of the palace, with a birds’ eye view of the surrounding landscape. As the Volunteer Troops got off the Trailblazer and set up defensive positions, Ahsoka, Zonia, Captain Rex, and R2 made their way towards the palace. Several troops, along with members of the Ghost crew, wanted to come along, but Ahsoka told them to wait, telling them that it was too dangerous. As Ahsoka’s squad made it to the outskirts of the Palace, Captain Rex looked around through a pair of binoculars to look for any possible threats. “Uh oh”, said Captain Rex, “we might have a problem”. “What’s the problem?” asked Ahsoka as she looked through her own binoculars. “Palace roof, up in that Minaret, see it?”, asked Captain Rex. “Yeah, I see it”, said Ahsoka, “A sniper”. “I can take him out”, said Captain Rex, “but are you certain that your friend is here?”. “Let us check, Zonia?”. Immediately, Ahsoka stretched out her hand and Zonia did the same while putting her other hand on Ahsoka’s shoulder and both started using the force to try to connect with Barriss. As they were trying to make the connection, Barriss woke up in her cell and felt it. “Ahsoka” whispered Barriss as she tried to connect with her. “She’s here!” exclaimed Ahsoka. “If you’ll excuse me, I have some work to do” said Captain Rex as he put on his phase III helmet.

As Barriss sat in relief that they had come to rescue her, Galen Marek stepped back into her cell. “Those rebels have come for you”, said Galen, “So predictable”. “You’re no match for them”, said Barriss. “I’m not?”, asked Galen, “We’ll see. I left a breadcrumb trail for your friends to follow. Once they’re in, my inquisitor will lead them into a trap, by forcing them to walk into a furnace. Once they’re in there, we close the door, and we watch them burn alive”. “No!”, yelled Barriss, “I swear you’ll regret this!”. “But it doesn’t have to be this way”, said Galen. “It doesn’t?” asked Barriss. “Of course not”, said Galen, “I have the power to spare your friends, your homeworld, those younglings, even your master”, said Galen, “think about this, what would your master think, in her final minutes, if we told her that we decided to execute her because YOU wouldn’t listen to us?”. Barriss thought long and hard about what Galen told her as a single tear went down her cheek. As Barriss remained silent in her thoughts, Galen, using the force, freed her from her restraints and she collapsed to the floor. “I trust that you will do the right thing” said Galen as he left a gyroscopic lightsaber in Barriss’ cell: the standard issue lightsaber for the inquisitors. Galen walked out of her cell with an evil smile on his face. Barriss walked up to the gyroscopic lightsaber that Galen had left, picked it up, and ignited. As the crimson blade shined in her face, a single tear went down her cheek knowing what she would have to do. Meanwhile, as Ahsoka, Zonia, and R2 walked alongside the walls of the palace, Boba Fett caught them in view of the scope of his rifle and took aim. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Captain Rex ran up and kicked the rifle out of his hand. As Captain Rex prepared to deliver a nasty punch to the bounty hunter, Boba Fett responded and punched him in the stomach and made him fall off the Minaret from where they were fighting and onto the roof of the Palace. As the two fought on the roof, Boba Fett began gaining the upper hand as the aged Clone Trooper struggled to keep up against his younger foe. “You’re no match for me old man” said Boba Fett. “No?”, asked Rex while he was panting, “we’ll see about that”. As Boba Fett was about to punch Rex and make him fall to his death, Rex kicked Boba Fett into a wall and ingited his jetpack, forcing Boba Fett into an uncontrolled flight off the roof. “And that’s why clones didn’t use jetpacks” Rex said to himself. “Commander Tano, the sniper’s been taken care of. Proceed” said Captain Rex. “Alright, get yourself off that roof and head back to base camp, Fulcrum out”, said Ahsoka. As Ahsoka, Zonia and R2 snuck their way into the palace, they found a polished metal hilt lying on the ground. Immediately, Zonia picked it up and pressed a button on it, causing a brilliant blue blade to flicker as it sprang out of the hilt. “It’s Barriss’”, said Ahsoka, “she must be close”. “Maybe a little too close”, said Zonia as she pointed to the Duros and Zygerrian inquisitors as they ignited their red, gyroscopic lightsabers. Ahsoka ignited her white bladed lightsabers and Zonia her green lightsabers. Right away, the two inquisitors charged at Ahsoka and Zonia and dueled them in the dark and narrow corridors of the Palace. As they fought, the inquisitors activated their gyroscopes, and their lightsabers started spinning around, which was enough to unnerve Zonia. “Keep focused, don’t let them get to you!” yelled Ahsoka as Zonia struggled to keep up with the relentless attacks. As the Inquisitors began to gain the upper hand over Ahsoka and Zonia, they kept forcing them to step back. Finally, the Zygerrian inquisitor used the force to turn on the furnace they wanted Ahsoka and Zonia to walk into. But just when the two inquisitors were about to have Ahsoka and Zonia burned alive, the furnace mysteriously turned off. Suddenly, the inquisitors stopped their attack and looked to each other in fear and began to step away. Ahsoka and Zonia looked to each other in confusion, and they look back. There, walking in the darkness, was Barriss. “Barriss!”, Ahsoka cried out, “are you ok?”. Barriss didn’t reply, she simply kept walking towards them slowly. “Barriss? What’s wrong?” asked Ahsoka. Ahsoka looked into Barriss’ eyes. The yellow hue that built up in her eyes said it all. “I’m sorry Ahsoka”, said Barriss as she ignited her red lightsaber.

When Zonia saw the crimson blade spring out of Barriss’ lightsaber, she ignited hers and charged at Barriss. But before she could do anything else, Barriss stopped her, picked her up by the neck with the force, and smashed her against the wall; knocking her out. “Barriss!”, yelled Ahsoka, “Why?”. “You don’t understand”, said Barriss, “of all the things they can do. They have Master Unduli captured, they’re going to kill her”. “And for this you join them?!”, asked Ahsoka, “For this, you abandon all of your ideals, all of your morals and betray me again?”. “Ahsoka”, said Barriss, “stand down. He promised me that he wouldn’t let any harm come if I joined them and got you to surrender. “I’m sorry Barriss”, said Ahsoka, “I’ve grown a lot over the years. I’ve seen many rise and fall, and I’ve seen friends die. But of all the things I’ve allowed, this is one thing I cannot allow”. “Then so be it”, said Barriss as Ahsoka ignited her white bladed lightsabers. As Ahsoka assumed a defensive stance, Barriss ignited both blades on her lightsaber and charged at Ahsoka. The blades of the lightsabers clashed so hard, that sparks shot out through out the dark corridor. The rapid clashes of lightsabers could be heard throughout the Palace. As Barriss and Ahsoka dueled viciously, Zonia found the strength to get up and charged at Barriss, with her green lightsaber in hand. As Barriss forced Ahsoka and Zonia to keep stepping back, Ahsoka found a window that led outside the palace. Ahsoka held Barriss off until they were close enough to the window, until finally, they jumped. As Ahsoka and Zonia slid down the Palace wall, with R2 flying close behind them, Ahsoka tried to make contact with the rebel fleet sitting on the surface. “Specter 2, do you read me? Over”, said Ahsoka. “This is Specter 2, reading you loud and clear”. “This is Fulcrum”, said Ahsoka, “listen to me, Wild Card has turned. Get the fleet ready for takeoff”. But before Ahsoka could get any sort of response, Barriss followed Ahsoka and Zonia down the palace wall, with a jammer in her hand. “I’ll turn it off only and only if you tell them to surrender”, said Barriss as she slid down the sloping palace walls behind Ahsoka and Zonia. “Never”, cried Zonia. Soon, after sliding down the palace walls for a few minutes, they all landed back on the ground. Ahsoka and Zonia stepped away from the palace with their lightsabers in hand in defensive stances while Barriss started up the gyroscopic motion of her new lightsaber, and prepared to charge. “Barriss, think about what Master Unduli would say if she saw you like this”, said Ahsoka, “do you think she would be proud of you?”. “I don’t care if she’s proud of me!”, said Barriss, “as long as I know that she is alive”. “Barriss, you don’t have to do this”, said Ahsoka, “Look, I thought you had changed. You spent all those years trying to prove to me that you had changed, I even brought this Dathomirian here with me because I thought you could teach her how to control her dark side, maybe even train her. Clearly, I was wrong”. “I’m sorry Ahsoka”, said Barriss, “But it is what it is”. As Barriss prepared to charge at Ahsoka and Zonia, a young human male came running out of the forest with a blue bladed lightsaber in his hand. “Wait, stop!”, said the boy, “You don’t have to do this!”. “Ezra, I told you to stay by the ship, get out of here now!” shouted Ahsoka. “Let me talk Ahsoka”, said Ezra, “look, you don’t have to do this”. “And why should I listen to you?”, asked Barriss, “what would you do if the Empire threatening everybody you cared about and you could end it by joining them?”. “I already lost my family to the Empire”, said Ezra, “I lost my family, my parents, I grew up on the streets until my new family found me and took me in”. “They’re my new family”, said Ezra while pointing to Ahsoka. “You were Luminara’s apprentice, weren’t you?” asked Ezra. “How could you know?” Barriss asked nervously. “Because I went to where she’s imprisoned”, said Ezra, “My master thought he couldn’t train me, so we went and tried to rescue this Luminara Master so he could have her train me. I was at the prison where she’s being held. She’s dead”. “What?” asked Barriss. “She died a long time ago”, said Ezra, “The Empire is using her remains as bait to try to lure any surviving Jedi into a trap, just as they did with me and you”. “No!”, yelled Barriss, “it can’t be!”. Barriss tried to ignore everything Ezra was trying to tell her, but she could sense he was telling the truth. She had finally realized that Galen Marek was lying to her this whole time, and collapsed in tears on the ground and dropped her lightsaber. Ezra, not wanting to take any chances, deactivated his lightsaber and used its blaster setting to shock Barriss Unconscious. “Ezra!”, said Ahsoka angrily. “What?”, asked Ezra, “she was freaking me out! Plus, it’ll be a lot easier getting her back to the ship now”. While Ahsoka tried to communicate with the rest of her fleet, Barriss slipped into a dreamlike state. Not dead, yet not alive. When Barriss woke up, she found herself in a strange jungle she had never seen before. It wasn’t Serreno, it was something entirely different. As Barriss looked around and saw her reflection in the mirror, she looked very different. She looked as if she had gotten younger, back to her Teen years. She wasn’t even wearing the wardrobe she was wearing on Serreno, she was wearing the wardrobe she had right up until Order 66. As Barriss looked around the strange jungle frantically, she felt a presence nearby. A strange, yet familiar, presence. “Big fears have you faced, young one” said a mysterious voice. “Master Yoda!”, Barriss cried out, “is it really you? It can’t be, am I dead?”. Master Yoda giggled. “hmhmhmhm”, giggled Master Yoda, “dead you are not”. “I must be losing it then”, said Barriss. “Lost? Yes”, said Master Yoda, “but what’s lost, the question that is”. “I’m lost”, said Barriss, “the one chance I had to redeem myself, I failed. Now I’m lost in the dark side”. “Lost? Yes”, said Master Yoda, “but too late to change, it is not”. Barriss looked around to see if she could get a glimpse of Master Yoda. “Why do I look like this? Why do I look like an adolescent again?” asked Barriss. “The last time you were truly yourself, this was”, said Master Yoda, “before falling to the dark side”. “You said that it’s not too late”, said Barriss, “what did you mean by that?”. “The answers to the questions you seek”, said Master Yoda, “you will find in there”. Suddenly, a group of bright flashing lights encircled and flew around Barriss and led her to a cave deep in the jungle. “What is in there? I feel so cold” said Barriss. “This planet”, said Master Yoda, “resonate with the force, it does. Strong with the dark side, the cave is”. “What is in there”, asked Barriss. “Only what you bring with you”, said Master Yoda, “but careful you must be. Picture what you fear most, and reveal itself to you, it will”. Barriss closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and went into the cave. As she went into the cave, she felt the darkness grow stronger and stronger. As she went in, she saw Jedi Master Shaak Ti sitting in a meditative position on the ground. “Master?”, asked Barriss. But before the Togruta Jedi Master could respond, she was suddenly impaled through the back by a lightsaber, and there standing behind her, was General Grievous, the droid general laughing maniacally as the Jedi Master fell at his feet. Barriss covered her face in shock as she watched the Jedi Master succumb to her injuries and stepped back. But as she stepped back, she suddenly fell through a hole in the cave and as she was falling, she suddenly found herself onboard the observation deck on an old Separatist Command ship. Suddenly, the clashing of lightsabers caught her attention. As she turned around, she watched as Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi dueled against Separatist leader and Sith Lord Count Dooku. She watched as Dooku knocked out Kenobi and Skywalker was forced to duel Dooku alone. Barriss tried to reach for her lightsaber, but only to find that it was not fixed to her belt. She was merely a witness of the events unfolding before her. Not long afterwards, Skywalker began to gain the upper hand and suddenly, cut off the Sith Lords hands. Dooku suddenly collapsed on his knees as Anakin but both Dooku’s and his own lightsaber at Dooku’s neck. Barriss then heard a maniacal laughter, she gasped as she saw Chancellor Palpatine restrained to a chair, and ordered Skywalker to kill Dooku. “Don’t do it, please don’t do it”, Barriss whispered to herself. But it was no use, Anakin complied and decapitated the Sith Lord where he was kneeling. Suddenly, Barriss again felt herself falling through the void, and this time, ended up in Chancellor Palpatine’s office. The clashing of lightsabers once again caught her attention, only time, she saw Master Windu fight against the Chancellor himself. But as soon as Master Windu gained the upper hand, he kicked Palpatine’s lightsaber out of his hand and soon, Palpatine who had now revealed himself as Darth Sidious, was begging Master Windu to spare his life. Palpatine timed his begging for the exact moment that Anakin Skywalker walked in, and soon, Palpatine unleashed a fury of Force lightning towards Master Windu. Windu, in turn, reflected the lightning back to Sidious with his lightsaber. As Anakin watched painfully, Sidious told Anakin that he had to choose, whether to save him, or help Master Windu but lose ‘the one he loved’ in the process. “Help Master Windu, please help Master Windu”, Barriss begged. But it was no use. As soon as Master Windu was about to strike the killing blow, Anakin cut off his hand and Sidious finished him off. Barriss covered her face and began to tear up as she watched Sidious proclaim Anakin as Darth Vader and declared him his new apprentice. “Enough!”, Barriss cried out, “I can’t take it anymore! I get it now, I don’t want to join them. I can see what became of Master Skywalker. I don’t want to end up like him too!”. As Barriss collapsed and started to tear up, she suddenly felt a gentle touch at her shoulder. “Relax”, said a mysterious voice, “Do you understand what you see here?”. “Understand?”, asked Barriss, “Who are you?”. “For now, just a mentor, but I used to be Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn”, said the Mysterious voice. “Master?”, asked Barriss, “How can this be?”. “Don’t worry about ‘how’”, said Qui-Gon, “All that matters is that you are here. Do you know what it was that you saw?”. “Yes”, said Barriss, “the past. A lesson. A glimpse of what I could become”. “Yes”, said Qui-Gon, “and also no. What you witnessed was the past. What can no longer be unchanged. But there is always hope. The future, unlike the past, is not set in stone. You can control your destiny, what you can become. That choice is yours”. “I understand” said Barriss. “What are you?” asked Qui-Gon. “I am not one of them” said Barriss. “Your future is clouded, with your fall to the dark side. But with time, there is still hope for you yet” said Master Qui-Gon as his voice finally departed. Suddenly, the void Barriss found herself in went completely black. But suddenly, in that darkness, she saw a tiny light heading towards her. A tiny purple light. When the light was finally close enough for her to grab, she reached out and grabbed it. When she looked into her hands, she a tiny, purple Kyber crystal in the palm of her hands. “The crystal is the heart of the blade”, said a mysterious voice, “the heart is the crystal of the Jedi. The Jedi is the crystal of The Force. The Force is the blade of the heart. All are intertwined. The crystal, the blade, the Jedi”. Barriss looked up to see who was telling her this, and there, right in front of her, was Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. Tears started to build in her eyes as she got a glimpse of her long gone Master, with an expression that said a thousand words. Master Unduli smiled at Barriss, and finally said “we are one” before finally drifting away. "And remember one more thing", said Master Qui-Gon. "Tell me Master", said Barriss. "There is another Skywalker...". Barriss finally woke up from her experience, and found herself lying on the ground, with her hands cuffed behind her back. But as she worked to try to feel her hands, she felt the tiny purple Kyber crystal in her hands, and gasped. “All that wasn’t a dream, it was real” she thought to herself. Ahsoka saw that Barriss had woken up, and walked up to her. “I’m sorru Barriss”, said Ahsoka, “But I can’t trust you anymore”. “Wait Ahsoka, listen”, said Barriss. “No, you listen”, said Ahsoka, “I came all this way to rescue you. I had to get volunteer help just to be able to make it this far into Imperial space because the Alliance wouldn’t authorize a rescue mission”. “Ahsoka, please let me explain”, said Barriss, “you’re right. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I tried to kill you and that girl earlier, but please listen to me, I just had the most incredible experience ever. I spoke with Master Yoda, they’re giving me another chance”. “Why should I believe you?”, asked Ahsoka. “Because they gave me this”, said Barriss as she used the force to hold her new Kyber Crystal in front of her. “How did you?”, asked Ahsoka. “Get my lightsaber”, said Barriss, “My true lightsaber and lay it out in front of me”. Ahsoka complied and laid the lightsaber in front of her. Barriss took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Within moments, the lightsaber lifted off the ground and it began to come apart as Barriss dismantled it. Then she took out the Kyber Crystal that had been in there for many years and replaced it with the new one. Finally, after completing the delicate work, Barriss put her lightsaber back together and held it in the air for Ahsoka and Zonia to see. Ahsoka saw the reconstructed lightsaber floating in the air and grabbed it. But when she ignited it, instead of seeing the blue blade spring out, she saw a brilliant purple blade come out. That’s when she realized that she had indeed communed with Master Yoda from afar and that they indeed gave her another chance, as the purple lightsaber was the trademark of Jedi who could tap into the dark side without succumbing to it. Finally, Barriss regained Ahsoka’s trust, and Ahsoka used the remade lightsaber to free Barriss from her binders. “Let’s go home”, said Barriss. But before they could move, Ahsoka stopped them. Captain Rex reported, from his position on the roof, that Stormtroopers were already looking for them in the area, and that they would have to find a long way around to get back to the ships. “I have an idea”, said Barriss, “There’s a good chance that they’ll be looking for me first, so we split up. Me and Ahsoka will go through the Palace and take a long way to get back to the ships, while Ezra and Zonia go together through the forest”. “Anybody have any objections to this plan?” asked Ezra. “It is decided then”, said Ahsoka. Soon, the four split up, while R2 followed Barriss and Ahsoka into the palace. As they made it through the palace, they came across a canyon that ran alongside of the palace. “Can we go around it?”, asked Ahsoka. “No”, said Barriss, “it’ll take too long”. Barriss pointed to a bridge above them that ran along the canyon. “But we can cross it” said Barriss as she pointed to the bridge. But as soon as they made it to the bridge, they saw Galen Marek standing in the middle, smiling with his twin red bladed lightsabers ignited.

Barriss and Ahsoka walked up to the side of the bridge and ignited their lightsabers, and stared down to Galen who was at the other side. “You two think you can get away?” asked Galen, “and Barriss, I thought I ordered you to stop these rebels”. “I guess you were right about the part where you said I would do the right thing” said Barriss as she assumed a defensive position. Within moments, Galen force pushed himself towards Barriss and Ahsoka and engaged them in a duel. As Galen fought them, he could sense Barriss wasn’t fighting to her full fighting ability, and was swift to take advantage of this. Her immersion back into the dark side left her weakened when she pulled out of it hastily. As Barriss struggled to keep up with Galen’s relentless attacks, Galen force pushed her against the wall of the palace and knocked her out, leaving Ahsoka to face him alone. As Ahsoka struggled to keep up against Galen’s relentless attacks as Galen began increasing his frequency and strength of his strikes. Finally, his attacks against Ahsoka grew so quickly, that he found an opening, and made Ahsoka pay for it. Ahsoka was suddenly crippled by pain as both of Galen’s lightsabers slashed across her stomach. Ahsoka’s screams were enough to wake Barriss up. As Ahsoka collapsed to the ground in pain, Galen force pushed her into the wall next to Barriss. “NO!!” Barriss screamed as she rushed over to her friend who lay motionless on the ground. “As Barriss looked at Ahsoka’s wounds, she closed her eyes and collapsed with grief. But instead of crying, she looked over to Galen with a vacant expression. “That was a mistake”, said Barriss as she walked towards him. “Why?”, asked Galen, “Because you have finally embraced the dark side?”. Suddenly, Barriss, using the force, picked up one of Ahsoka’s lightsabers and ignited it. “No, because you have given me nothing left to lose” said Barriss as she held purple and white bladed lightsabers in her hands. Galen smiled at Barriss and held his lightsabers in front of him, and charged at Barriss. Meanwhile, as Barriss and Galen fought, Zonia and Ezra were suddenly ambushed by the Duros and Zygerrian inquisitors who had engaged them in a duel in the forest. As the two apprentices struggled to keep up against the attacks, the inquisitors began the gyroscopic motions of their lightsabers. “Does your do that by any chance?” Zonia asked Ezra. “No but it does this”, said Ezra while he used the blaster settings on his lightsaber to stun the Duros inquisitor. “Wish mine did that” said Zonia. Immediately, Zonia and Ezra unleashed their full attacks while Ezra shot and Zonia dueled against the Zygerrian inquisitor. Within minutes, even she couldn’t keep up against the attacks and was knocked out when Zonia and Ezra force pushed her into a tree. While Zonia and Ezra made their way back to the ship, a call came in through Ahsoka’s commlink. “Fulcrum, this is Specter 2, come in”. Ahsoka groaned in pain and struggled to reach for her commlink. “Specter 2, this is Fulcrum” said Ahsoka. “How are you doing? How is Wild Card? Ezra told us things went wrong”. “Wild Card is OK”, said Ahsoka. Ahsoka then turned her attention towards Barriss, who was still dueling Galen and had gained the upper hand. “Actually, I think she’s better than OK”, said Ahsoka. As Barriss forced Galen into the defensive, he was forced to dodge strikes because even he couldn’t keep up with them. “You were right”, said Barriss, “I was your perfect candidate. I had fallen to the dark side, and I had let it consume me”. Galen stepped back from Barriss frantically, sensing that she was far from done. “You have failed to turn me”, said Barriss, “I am a Jedi, like my Master before me”. Galen stayed silent and maintained his defensive stance. “And as a Jedi”, said Barriss, “I have a powerful ally. More powerful than fear, more powerful than anger and hate, even more powerful than your Empire: The Force”. Immediately, Galen held his lightsabers in an X-formation and looked to Barriss in fear. Within a few swift strikes, Barriss clashed her lightsaber and Ahsoka’s hard onto Galen’s and knocked him off the bridge. Barriss looked down and watched Galen Marek fall into the abyss in the canyon, and deactivated her lightsabers. “Barriss”, Ahsoka said weakly. Barriss looked to Ahsoka who was struggling to stand. “Ahsoka!” Barriss cried out. Barriss ran up to Ahsoka and helped her up. “I thought I lost you”, Barriss said to Ahsoka. “I know the feeling” said Ahsoka as she smiled at Barriss, “Let’s go home”. Immediately, Barriss used some of her healing abilities on Ahsoka’s wounds and they soon made their way out of the Palace. But as they entered one room inside the Palace, Barriss felt the need to turn on one of the computers in the room. “I don’t think this is the right time”, said Ahsoka. “One minute”, said Barriss. But as soon as Barriss had the computer fired up, a large spherical object was displayed on the monitor. Ahsoka saw the large object, and had no idea what it was. But after her experience with Galen Marek, Barriss knew all too well what it was. “We have to warn the Alliance” said Barriss, “we need to get a copy of this”. “What is this?” asked Ahsoka. “It’s a weapon”, said Barriss, “a super weapon that the Empire plans to use to keep its systems in line”. “What does it do?”, asked Ahsoka. “It’s a planet killer” said Barriss. “Ahsoka looked at the monitor grimly and saw the large, collapsed section of the sphere that is used to concentrate multiple energy beams into one, and then destroy their target”. ”How do you know?” asked Ahsoka. “Because I saw this weapon in my vision back on Tatooine”, said Barriss, “we need to copy these plans and see if a weakness can be found”. “I agree”, said Ahsoka, “give the plans to me, I know where to take them”. Barriss nodded in agreement and gave the plans to Ahsoka. Suddenly, they heard an alarm go off throughout the entire palace. “I think this place is about to self-destruct” said Ahsoka. Immediately, Barriss and Ahsoka started running to get out of the palace. Meanwhile, Count Shary’s computer alarms went off, alerting him that one of his computers had been hacked. When Count Shary checked to see what the problem was, his face went cold with fear when he saw that the plans to the Imperial super weapon had been copied and stolen. Right away, one of his officers alerted him that he was receiving a call on his holo transmitter. When Count Shary answered the call, he was frozen with fear when he saw who was at the other end: It was Darth Vader. “Count Shary”, said Vader, “what is the status of the rebels attacking your palace?”. “The rebels, they, they”, Count Shary started stuttering in his speech, “they got away”. Almost immediately, another call came in. From Emperor Palpatine. Immediately, Count Shary kneeled, and was frozen with fear. “Count Shary”, said the Emperor, “what has become of the Death Star plans?”. Count Shary started panting faster and faster. “The rebels stole it” said Count Shary. Almost immediately, Count Shary found himself struggling to breathe as the Emperor extended his hand. “You have failed me for the last time, you worthless slime!” said Palpatine as he broke Count Shary’s neck through the force. Meanwhile, Barriss and Ahsoka escaped the palace just as it collapsed in flames. As they watched the palace collapsed in the distance, Ahsoka received a call from Captain Rex, telling them to return back to the fleet. As Barriss and Ahsoka at last returned to the fleet, Ahsoka was finally able to introduce Barriss to Zonia. “She’s a nightsister”, said Ahsoka, “they’re prone to tapping into the dark side. Without her clan, she is vulnerable. I was hoping you could teach her”. Barriss smiled at Zonia, to let her know that she was no longer a threat. “I can teach you how to control your dark side”, said Barriss, “and I can teach you the ways of the force so you can become a Jedi, if you’ll have me”. Zonia looked to Barriss and smiled, and nodded yes. Ezra Bridger said goodbye to Zonia, who he had bonded with as they dueled the two inquisitors and headed back to the Ghost. As Barriss and Zonia climbed into the trailblazer, Ahsoka climbed into her Y-wing fighter and her fleet took off and headed into hyperspace back to Yavin. Ahsoka breathed a sigh of relief knowing that her friend had been rescued. Although no longer a Jedi herself, she had contributed into keeping the Jedi Order alive by giving Zonia a Master who could teach her the ways of the force. Maybe she could have a lightsaber of her own soon, as the green lightsabers she used were stolen Jedi lightsabers that the Nightsisters collected over time. Although the Empire was far from toppled, the plans that they stole that showed the schematics of a super weapon might strike a crippling blow to the Empire later on. As long as the rebels kept on fighting, there would always be hope for a better tomorrow.

Epilogue: As Ahsoka sat in the communications room of the Trailblazer flying through hyperspace, she tried to make contact with the Alderaanian Corvette Tantive IV. “Tantive IV, this is Trailblazer, do you copy?” asked Ahsoka. “Trailblazer, this is Tantive IV. Reading you loud and clear, over”. “It’s nice to hear from you again Princess Leia”, said Ahsoka, “I did as you instructed. I kept the Death Star plans far away from Yavin so the Imperials wouldn’t track us. I’m sorry we made you wait this long for schematics. We just wanted to make sure that the Empire wouldn’t retaliate against the people of Serreno”. “Understood Ahsoka”, said Princess Leia, “do you have the plans with you now?”. “Yes I do”, said Ahsoka, “transmitting them to you now”. Suddenly, almost as soon as the Tantive IV received the message, a star destroyer came out of hyperspace and took out the ship’s hyperdrive. “They tracked our transmission!”, said Princess Leia, “our hyperdrive is down, we’re dead in space!”. “Don’t panic”, said Ahsoka, “where are you right now?”. “We’re somewhere over Tatooine” said Princess Leia. “Tatooine”, said Ahsoka, “perfect. Listen to me and listen carefully. You need to upload those plans onto R2’s memory bank and you must instruct him to deliver those plans to Obi-Wan Kenobi. From there, R2 must tell Obi-Wan to take those plans to Alderaan. From there, the rebels working there can find a weakness”. “Will do”, said Princess Leia, "We'll see how long we can hold off that Star Destroyer".

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