• Steven Loftin

Love & Lightsabers: My Friend, My Brother, My Blood

Best Friends…brothers…FAMILY. It is no secret to anyone who has been with Star Wars from the beginning that the bond between Han Solo & Chewbacca is everlasting. A snippet of the backstory between these two tells us that Han saved Chewbacca’s life. In doing so, Chewie owes Han a life debt. We have seen that this debt is one that Chewie was eager to repay. Chewie has been Han’s right hand through thick and thin. No matter what the odds, Chewie has always been there. Han is smuggling cargo through Imperial blockades? Chewie is there. Han is being chased across the galaxy by bounty hunters. Chewie is there. A rescue mission is devised to save Han from one of the most ruthless gangsters in the galaxy? Chewie is there. Do you see the pattern?

When watching The Force Awakens one could only imagine the pain that Chewbacca felt as he saw his best friend, his brother, killed at the hands of Kylo Ren. It was a terrible time. As fan of the franchise, we all felt a little sting of pain. At first it was disbelief, then reality set in. We saw Han fall into the abyss. His limp, lifeless body falling through the central core of Starkiller Base is forever etched into our memory banks. Chewbacca’s cry of anger and pain echoed through our ears and into our souls. We felt what he felt. At that exact instant, we ALL knew what Chewbacca meant…no translation needed.

So where does that leave our favorite Wookiee? Alone? Heartbroken? Empty inside with pangs of survivor’s guilt coursing through his spirit? We can only imagine. As many who have suffered a traumatic loss of friend or loved one will attest, the pain never goes away. The memory remains. The bond of love stands eternal. One thing is certain…if there is any notion of revenge against Kylo Ren…it lives in Chewbacca’s heart. It perpetuates a balancing act between light and dark. It lives right beside the area that is filled with love for his lost friend. His brother. His blood.

Would it be wrong for him to feel this way? Many will argue that this type of emotional fuel is more suited for a dark sider, but the reality is that no one is immune to the concept of love. Love will make us do great and terrible things. Nothing will ever replace the love that Chewie has for Han. Knowing this only leads to question the next chapter of Chewbacca’s life. Where will he go from here? How will he choose to avenge his fallen brother? Only time will tell.

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