• Jesus Armenta

Star Wars: Acts of Courage Part 1

Morning, same as any other. Though some were well awake before the sun ever rose, some were still sleeping. This was especially true for the Jedi younglings who spend almost their entire waking hours in training. The Training to transition the Younglings to Padawans was long and challenging. But in the end, if they could pull it off, they could be selected by Potential Masters to guide them on the path to knighthood. The training ranged from physical training, to enhance their strength and reflexes with help from the Force, the mysterious energy field that gave a Jedi their power, to studying ancient texts in the archives, the enormous library that sat near the center of the Jedi Temple. During one of the Lectures led by Jedi Master Plo Koon, Barriss Offee, a youngling in the group Master Plo was teaching, listened intently on everything the Kel Dor was teaching the younglings. “Now younglings”, said Master Plo, “what is the duty of every Jedi in the Galaxy?”. Within a split second, the younglings raised their hands, eager to answer the Jedi Master’s question. Within moments, Master Plo called on Barriss to answer his question. “To protect those who cannot protect themselves and to serve others who need our help” said Barriss. “Very good little one” said Master Plo, “It is a Jedi’s duty to always serve and protect others who cannot do so for themselves. Although a Jedi carries their lightsaber, it is not a weapon. It is a tool used by the Jedi to maintain peace and order from the Galaxy, and to rid the galaxy from armies of the dark side”. Barriss listened to Master Plo’s words intently, and kept them to heart. Asides from Master Plo, other Jedi followed him along with the younglings, looking for Padawans who they thought might have potential to be trained into knighthood. Barriss’ quick response caught the attention of several Jedi Masters, including that of Luminara Unduli. As the group walked into a communications room, Master Plo introduced the younglings to the Jedi Beacon. “With this device” said Master Plo, “we can call on every Jedi in the galaxy to return home, to the Jedi Temple”. As Master Plo gave his Lecture, another group led By Master Obi-Wan Kenobi walked by, also with dozens of younglings. As the group walked by, a young Togruta girl, also a youngling, was accidentally knocked down and her books went all over the floor. The girl’s fall went unnoticed by almost everybody in the room: except for Barriss. When she saw that nobody was willing to help her up or help her gather her books off the floor, Barriss went to help her. She separated from the group and ran off to help the young Togruta. “Let me help you” said Barriss. Barriss then got down on her knees and helped the young Togruta get her books off the floor. “You better go” said Barriss, “they might miss you”. The Orange-skinned Togruta thanked her for helping her and ran off to return to her group. As Barriss walked back to her Lecture group, she saw Master Plo Koon standing between her and the other younglings, with his arms crossed. “Youngling” said Master Plo to Barriss, “You know better that it is very rude to leave the Lecture while a Master is teaching”. Barriss, the usually quiet and reserved Mirialan girl didn’t say a word, she simply hanged her head in shame and started to tear up a little. But before Master Plo could say anything else, Master Luminara Unduli intervened. “I’ll take it from here, Master Plo” said Luminara. Master Plo bowed down in respect and allowed Master Luminara to take Barriss away from the group. Barriss walked alongside Master Luminara, her head still hanging in shame. “Master Plo is right youngling” said Luminara to Barriss, “It is very rude to leave while a Master is teaching”. Barriss didn’t respond, she simply tried to cover up her face with her hood. “But seeing how you helped another who was in need” said Master Luminara, “I think you might amount to something”. Barriss looked up at the Jedi Master, who was a Mirialan, just like herself. Luminara smiled at the Mirialan youngling, who could see that she had a lot of potential. “Come now Padawan”, said Master Luminara, “there is much to learn”.

Barriss stepped out of her trance. She had sat down to try to meditate to improve her connection to the force. Her Meditation room was dark and quiet. Aside from a bed, a nightstand, and lamp, her room was mostly empty. It had been a long time since the last time she could do so. Ever since assassinating the Inquisitor Olmon Sadiph back on Tatooine, both her and Ahsoka had been on the run from the Empire, and she still had not fully recovered from the dark vision she had. In that vision, she saw the Imperial Inquisitor killing a family of Moisture Farmers and kidnapping their infant son to be trained in the ways of the dark side. But that wasn’t all she saw. She also envisioned death and suffering at the hands of the Empire. She envisioned the destruction of a planet she thought she recognized. “What could be powerful enough to destroy an entire planet?” she thought to herself. But before she could wonder any more, Ahsoka knocked on the door to her room. “Enter” said Barriss. Ahsoka walked into the room and helped Barriss get back up. “You ready?” asked Ahsoka. “Yes, of course” Barriss replied. Much has changed since their departure from Tatooine. After their incident in which they were forced to draw their lightsabers, the Empire started to increase their military Presence on Tatooine, forcing the two former Padawans to flee. But not before they wiped out any information about the child’s force sensitivity. When they fled, both she and Barriss became involved in a movement to undermine the Galactic Empire. Ahsoka took the codename “Fulcrum” to conceal her identity and to organize rebel movements across the Galaxy. But after their actions caught the Empire’s attention, they hired a Correllian pilot, who they had previously turned down a job offer, to take them off-world to a planet they thought hadn’t been affected by the Empire: Mandalore. But when they arrived, it became clear that that was not the case. The Imperial presence was far worse than they had expected. The Empire had even placed the Tyrannical Governor Shrubb as acting Prefect over Mandalore. Shrubb was so brutal, that he even had anyone who dared speak out against the Empire executed in a public square. Neither Barriss nor Ahsoka wanted to stay on Mandalore, but they didn’t have enough Credits to pay for another flight off-world. They would simply have to find work on Mandalore. Barriss found work as a Nurse, although she would not be able to use her healing skills she learned. Ahsoka found work as a mechanic, helping to repair and maintain civilian vehicles. Initially, they wanted to keep a low profile. Whenever they left their apartment, they did so at different times and they always concealed themselves. Barriss not only returned to wearing her hood, but covered her face, even her hands, out of worry that her Mirialan tattoos would give her away. Ahsoka did the same. Neither Togrutas nor Mirialans are known to live on Mandalore in great numbers, so they had to work hard to blend into the human population. They had to work even harder to hide their force sensitivity. They didn’t even keep their lightsabers on them. The only weapons they kept on themselves, at best, were their blasters. Barriss always carried a WESTAR-35 blaster with her. A Mandalorian blaster made infamous by its association with the radical group Death Watch, who tried to restore Mandalore back to its warrior past during the Clone Wars. But ever since their collapse and the rise of the Galactic Empire, former members of Death Watch had become persecuted. Seen as a threat to Imperial rule over Mandalore because they could give the people hope that the Empire could be undermined on their homeworld, so the Empire sought to wipe them out and destroy all evidence of their culture. Going as far as destroying artifacts from their past on their homeworld and beyond.

Somehow, Barriss and Ahsoka’s presence on Mandalore had gone unnoticed by the Empire. But they did have their moments. One day, as Barriss walked back home on the dirty and congested streets, a group of stormtroopers and an Imperial Agent caught up to her and stopped her. “Halt” said the Imperial Agent, “Where do you think you’re going?”. “I’m sorry?” said Barriss. “I am Agent Kallus”, said the agent, “Now, where are you going?”. Barriss looked at Agent Kallus. She could sense that he was a no-nonsense kind of man, and didn’t want to upset him. “I-I’m just going back to my apartment” said Barriss. “Really?” said Agent Kallus. All the stormtroopers soon surrounded Barriss. Barriss felt really nervous. She sensed that the stormtroopers were getting ready to shoot, and felt so helpless because she left her lightsaber at home to avoid getting attention. “Yes, I work as a Nurse, and I’m just heading home” said Barriss. “Hmm” said Kallus. Kallus walked in a circle around Barriss, and then brushed some dust off her shoulder with his hand. “Do you have an Imperial License to practice as a Nurse?” asked Kallus. “No”, said Barriss, “I’m still an apprentice, I’m still learning”. “I see”, said Kallus as he took off his ISB helmet, “Well there is a curfew in place that requires all citizens to be in their homes by nightfall”. “I see”, said Barriss as the stormtroopers took aim, “I’ll make sure I don’t make that mistake again sir”. “Don’t let me catch you out again” said Kallus as he made a signal to the stormtroopers to stand down. And with that, Kallus and the troopers walked away. As she walked back into her apartment, and saw Ahsoka relaxing on the couch, she sat down next to her in relief. “What’s wrong?” asked Ahsoka. Barriss didn’t reply, still trying to overcome the shock that the troopers gave her. “Barriss?” asked Ahsoka. “I just had a run-in with some stormtroopers”, said Barriss, “It’s no trouble”. “What was the problem?” asked Ahsoka. “Just that ‘I can’t stay out this late’” ,said Barriss. After the two had dinner, Ahsoka went to bed and Barriss went back to her meditation chamber. As she sat down to try to meditate, she tried to calm herself. She slowed her breathing down to a minimum and closed her eyes. She even took off her hood and let her black hair hang. Normally, she always covered it up. Her Mirialan traditions had normally kept her from exposing her hair for no reason other than modesty. The reason why she had kept it hidden was because exposing her hair to someone was considered an extremely intimate act. Either that, or it’s a very powerful way of saying “I don’t care”. And care she didn’t. The only reason she went back to covering up was to conceal herself on Mandalore, where the majority of the population was Human. She only revealed herself once she was back in the relative safety of her own apartment. Barriss meditated deep into the force. To see if she could get another vision like the one she had on Tatooine. She even sat down all night to meditate. But it was to no avail. She felt like she had started to lose her connection to the force. But as morning came, she heard Ahsoka knock on her door once again. “Enter” said Barriss. As Ahsoka walked into the room, Barriss yawned, and Ahsoka then knew that she had stayed there all night. “You know you can’t keep doing this” said Ahsoka, “even you need to sleep every now and then”. “I know”, said Barriss, “but it’s as if I’m losing my connection to force. That’s why I’m here meditating every night”. “Well”, said Ahsoka, “better than going back to the dark side”. “That’s a comforting thought, thanks” said Barriss. As they left their apartment to go to work, they were stopped by a group of stormtroopers who told them that everyone was to report to the public square immediately. As they approached the public square, they saw several stormtroopers standing on the stage with their rifles at the ready, standing in formation. They also saw Governor Shrubb standing with several people in masks. “Citizens of the Galactic Empire and Mandalore” said Shrubb, “These criminals, these scum of the Universe, have been found guilty of being members of the Death Watch, and for daring to speak out against the Empire”. Some of the people murmured in the crowd, condemning the Governor’s actions. “Do we nor provide Peace and Security? Do we not keep you safe from scum like these?” asked the Governor pointing to the condemned Mandalorians. Immediately, more stormtroopers came in and surrounded the crowd that was forced to watch the execution, with their rifles aimed at the spectators. “What do we do?” whispered Ahsoka to Barriss. “I don’t know” said Barriss. “Anyone else dare to speak out?” asked the Governor. There was nothing but total silence from the crowd. “Good” said the Governor, “Agent Kallus”. Agent Kallus walked up on the stage. “You may finish them off when ready” said the Governor. Soon, Agent Kallus gave the order for the troopers to aim at the condemned. “We have to do something” said Ahsoka. Barriss then pointed at Ahsoka to look down into her pouch, and showed Ahsoka that she brought their lightsabers with them. “Why did you bring those?” asked Ahsoka. “I couldn’t walk around without it anymore” said Barriss. “Aim” shouted Agent Kallus as the stormtroopers took aim. “Are you ready?” asked Barriss. “Like I really have a choice” said Ahsoka Sassily as the stormtroopers prepared to fire. Right as Kallus was about to utter the word “fire”, Barriss and Ahsoka jumped up on the stage and force-pushed the troopers and Kallus on the ground, and cut down the Mandalorian prisoners. “Jedi?” exclaimed Governor Shrubb, “Troopers, Kallus, kill them!”. After being cut down by Barriss and Ahsoka, the prisoners grabbed some of the stormtrooper rifles and began firing back at the Imperials. The crowd that had surrounded the stage had run for cover, only Barriss, Ahsoka, Kallus, the Mandalorians, and the stormtroopers remained on the stage, Governor Shrubb ran for cover. “Kallus”, said Governor Shrubb, “I want them dead!”. “They will be” said Kallus, “All troopers, focus your fire on the prisoners. I’ll deal with the Jedi”. Immediately, Barriss, Ahsoka, and the prisoners made a run for it and began a run through the streets of Capitol City. “What’s next?” asked Ahsoka. “We need to get out of the city”, said Barriss, “any idea how we can do that?”. “I thought you were the one with the plan” said Ahsoka. As the group of fugitives made their run through the streets, they were suddenly halted by another group of Mandalorians, who flew in by jetpack and stopped them. The group saw the mysterious warriors befor them. They wore traditional Mandalorian Armor, and carried all the gear that Death Watch once carried. Their leader looked like a female, who carried all the equipment a Mandalorian Warrior would carry, include a pair of WESTAR-35 blasters. Similar to the one Barriss started using shortly after Order 66. “Who are you?” asked Ahsoka. Immediately, the leader of the group of Mandalorian warriors stepped up and removed her helmet. “The name’s Bo-Katan”, said the leader, “Bo-Katan Kryze. I take it you need help?”. “We need to get out of the city” said Barriss. “Follow me” said Bo-Katan.

Immediately, Bo-Katan led her group of warriors, the rescued prisoners, and Barriss and Ahsoka down an old sewer beneath the city. “Ugh” exclaimed Ahsoka as she waddled through the raw sewage. “What an incredible smell you’ve discovered” said Ahsoka. “Better than having to fight our way up there” said Bo-Katan, “We use these tunnels whenever we want to sabotage imperial equipment”. As they made their way to the end of the tunnel, Bo-Katan kicked off the lid that closed the sewage tunnel and opened up outside of the city. As the climbed out of the tunnel, the rescued prisoners regrouped with the other Mandalorian Warriors. “Jedi” said Bo-Katan to Barriss and Ahsoka, “If I were you, I’d get as far away from this place as possible. There’s an outpost about 20 clicks south of here. Barter for a ship, and get off this Planet”. “With the discovery of Jedi on Mandalore”, said Barriss, “It could likely lead to an Imperial occupation”. “That may be” said Bo-Katan, “but we will survive. We always have. Good luck”. Soon after, Bo-Katan and her fellow warriors took off on their jetpacks and flew away into the mist that enshrouded their whole world. “Come on” said Ahsoka, “we have to get out of here”. “Right” said Barriss. They soon began their long hike to the outpost through the Mandalorian mist and tried to keep a low profile. It was still very unlikely that the Empire had stopped looking for them. Back in Capitol City, Governor Shrubb and Agent Kallus sent stormtroopers all over to look for the fugitives. “Find them!” said Governor Shrubb, “if you find the Jedi, kill them, and bring anyone who might be helping them to the public square so we can make an example of them”. All over Mandalore, stormtroopers showed no quarter. They broke into peoples homes to look for the fugitives. They dragged people outside who tried to resist and tied them to the public square, so they could be made examples of later. They burned contraband and anything that didn’t glorify the Empire. Governor Shrubb put a strict curfew all over Mandalore, and warned that anyone caught out after curfew, would be shot on sight. As Barriss and Ahsoka made their way to the outpost, they could sense the pressure that Governor Shrubb was putting all over Mandalore. The situation was becoming so bad, that scout troopers had already been sent outside the cities to look for Barriss and Ahsoka, and Bo-Katan’s rebel cell. Soon, they started running. Running quickly to get to the outpost. But as they ran along, they were suddenly ambushed by a group of scout troopers. Immediately, the two girls drew their lightsabers and started deflecting the blaster bolts that were heading their way. But as the scout troopers swarmed in, a trio of troopers showed that they had far more skill than the other troopers they fought with. So much skill, that they were able to corner Barriss and Ahsoka into a column of rocks. As they got close enough, they managed to disarm Barriss and Ahsoka, by shooting their lightsabers right out of their hands. Immediately, Barriss and Ahsoka raised their hands up in surrender. “What do we do now?” asked Ahsoka. “I don’t know” said Barriss almost frantically. “We have to think of something” whispered Ahsoka as the troopers moved in and surrounded them. “that’s them all right” said one of the troopers, “now, what was Governor Shrubb’s order? Oh, yes, that’s right”. Immediately, the trooper pointed his rifle at Barriss’ forehead and kept his finger on the trigger. Barriss closed her eyes, thinking it was the end. Within moments, the echo of blaster fire rolled across the landscape. Barriss opened her eyes. Her would-be executioner was lying in the ground in front of her, dead. So were all the other troopers, except for the trio that had disarmed them. One of the troopers immediately approached Ahsoka and looked at her. His expressionless helmet could not give Ahsoka any idea of what his intentions might be. Why did they kill the troopers that were about to kill them? Could they be bounty hunters trying to make a large ransom? It was dead silence and as the trooper studied Ahsoka carefully. “What do you want stormtrooper?” asked Ahsoka. The trooper didn’t respond. He simply unhooked his helmet and took it off. Ahsoka looked on in shock and excitement by what she saw. It was Clone Captain Rex, CT-7567. “I’m no Stormtrooper” said Rex after he took off his helmet.

Immediately, the other two troopers removed their helmets and showed Barriss and Ahsoka that they were also Clones. Both had the same face as Captain Rex, and all three clones had what looked like a bandage going near the right side of their foreheads. “It’s good to see you again Commander Tano” said one of the troopers as he removed his helmet, and immediately, Ahsoka recognized him as Captain Wolffe from the scar going across his right eye. “And I’m Gregor” said the last trooper as he removed his helmet, “Clone Commando Gregor”. “How did you find us?” asked Barriss. “It wasn’t easy”, said Rex, “But after that mess you two created back on Tatooine, you were hard to miss”. “Do you have a ship Captain?” asked Ahsoka. “Yes we do” said Gregor, “Zing, do you copy?”. “Loud and clear”, said a mysterious voice on Gregor’s commlink. “Get the ship started up, we’re leaving” said Wolffe. “Follow me” said Rex as he gave Barriss and Ahsoka back their lightsabers. As they approached their ship, which was an old Mandalorian Corvette, Captain Rex called to Zing on the commlink. “Zing, you almost ready?” asked Captain Rex. “Yeah, almost. Ship’s so old, her engines take a while to restart”. Barriss and Ahsoka looked at each other in confusion. They knew that the voice that spoke to Captain Rex sounded like it came from a Sentient Being, but they couldn’t sense any living presence on the ship. “Is ‘Zing’ a droid?” asked Ahsoka. “He’s actually a living being” said Gregor. “Is he on the ship?” asked Barriss. “You’ll see” said Wolffe. As they boarded the ship, Zing came out of the cockpit to greet them. Barriss and Ahsoka were horrified by what they saw. So horrified, that they nearly ignited their lightsabers. Zing was a being unlike any they had ever seen before. He had wrinkly skin, Elven ears, and a slit-like nose. A Serpentine creature wrapped around his waist, almost like a belt. And nearly his entire body was covered in scars. But his demeanor and personality did not reflect his outward appearance. “Rex, Gregor, Wolffe, It’s nice to see you three are alright” said Zing. Zing then looked to Barriss and Ahsoka. “I see we have visitors” said Zing, “Welcome aboard”. “I fought with the Togruta during the Clone Wars” said Rex. “I see” said Zing, “Well make yourselves at home, there’s a spare cabin towards the aft of the ship”. “What is Zing?” asked Ahsoka to Captain Rex, “I’ve never seen any of his kind before”. “Zing is, at least according to him, a ‘Yuuzhan Vong’. His people are from another galaxy. They despise any mechanical technology, and his fascination for it got him banished”. “I hope you make yourselves comfortable” said Zing to Barriss and Ahsoka, “You two stirred up a lot of trouble. We need to go into hiding, so we’re going to go to a place where we can hide and get some answers about the future”. Soon after, the ship took off and made the jump into hyperspace. However, little did they know that their ship had been tagged. Governor Shrubb had sent out probe droids to place trackers on the hulls of every ship that was within Mandalorian space. After taking off from Mandalore, Ahsoka asked Zing where they were going. “We need answers” said Zing, “And I think I know just where to find them. We’re going to Dathomir”. A sudden look of fear suddenly found its way to Barriss and Ahsoka. Was the Yuuzhan Vong in exile losing his mind? Did he not know of the dangers that inhabited Dathomir? From the wild Rancors that roamed across its vast plains, to the witches that inhabit the surface. One could only be very brave or very foolish to even think about landing there. Within moments, Zing’s ship came out of hyperspace over Dathomir. Even from space, it was an impressive sight seeing the red haze that enshrouded the whole planet. But even as close as orbit, they still couldn’t see the many dangers that inhabited the planet’s surface. “We’re not going to risk landing the whole ship here” said Zing, “We’ll take the shuttle instead. Captain Rex, Gregor, and Commander Wolffe, stay on the ship in case any imperials show up. See if you can get the tracker off of our hull”. “Won’t that sound the alarm?” asked Gregor. “Not if you remove it right before we leave” said Zing. Immediately, Barriss and Ahsoka followed Zing into a shuttle parked inside a small hangar bay within the ship. Zing stroked the Serpentine creature that was along his waist and it slithered down his arm and hardened into a solid rod. “What is that?” asked Barriss. “It’s an Amphistaff” said Zing. “Perfect weapon for one like me. It’s so strong, it’s lightsaber resistant. I found out when an Inquisitor tried to rip a force sensitive child from his Mother’s side so he could be taken away. So when I tried to stop him, he immediately turned on his lightsaber and lunged at me. Pretty ferocious opponent too. His lightsaber was able to spin! Can you believe it? But nonetheless, that Twi’lek inquisitor was no match for me. So while he was swinging his spinning sword, I smashed his skull with my amphistaff, caught the imperial’s attention, and I’ve been on the run from and trying to cause them trouble ever since”. Within moments, the shuttle touched down on the surface of Dathomir and the hatched open to let the air in. the scent of death immediately entered the shuttle’s cabin. “You may want to keep your swords ready” said Zing. As they walked out of the shuttle and through the dark forest that almost entirely covered the surface of the planet, Zing led them to what looked like an old abandoned temple. “Sister?” Zing asked out, “Are you there?” Sister?”. “Zing”, said a dark, mysterious and bone chilling voice, “You have returned”. Barriss and Ahsoka didn’t like what they were hearing. They almost instantly ignited their lightsabers.

The skirmish between Barriss, Ahsoka, and Bo-Katan’s rebel cell did not go unnoticed by the Empire. Governor Shrubb sent stormtroopers everywhere trying to find them. Bo-Katan and her rebel followers were easily able to blend into the main population. But Mirialans and Togrutas like Barriss and Ahsoka would certainly stand out against the human-majority population. But as Governor Shrubb continued his pursuit, agent Kallus called him out. Telling him that he was receiving an important call from above. Immediately, Shrubb left his pursuit and followed Agent Kallus into the communications room of the Imperial palace. When Shrubb responded to the transmission, he was shocked by what he saw. It was coming from Darth Vader. “Lord Vader” said Governor Shrubb, “what is it you want? Can’t you see I’m losing enough time looking for these two Jedi? All because your inquisitor couldn’t take them down himself? I should personally tell the emperor that…”. Immediately, Governor Shrubb found himself struggling to speak, then struggling to breathe. He desperately put his hands around his neck. “You have failed the Emperor for the last time, Governor” said Darth Vader angrily, “the two Jedi have long left Mandalore. Agent Kallus”. Darth Vader addressed Agent Kallus personally. “Yes my lord?” said Agent Kallus. “You will continue the hunt for these two traitors. As soon as you are on their trail, you will contact me. I will take care of them myself”. Suddenly, Governor Shrubb collapsed to the ground and started seizing, and then slowly stopped. “I know you won’t fail me” said Darth Vader. “As you wish my lord”. Vader then ended the transmission and Agent Kallus assumed command of the hunt for Barriss and Ahsoka. “I want every record for every ship that has left the Mandalore system” said Agent Kallus, “and their headings. We will put an end to these Jedi once and for all”. As the imperials searched for any trace of Barriss and Ahsoka, they soon found surveillance taken by a probe droid of them entering a ship accompanied by three clones and a mysterious being. “That’s them” said Agent Kallus, “home in on their beacon and calculate their last known trajectory. We will hunt them down”.

Back on Dathomir, Zing kneeled before a mysterious presence. Barriss and Ahsoka felt a dark and terrifying presence come before them. They stood back to back, with their lightsabers drawn. “Why children”, said the mysterious voice to Barriss and Ahsoka, “there is no need for violence for we are friends”. “Who are you?” said Barriss as she lowered her lightsaber. It was then that the mysterious presence finally stepped out of the light and revealed herself. “I am Talzin” said the mysterious voice, “Mother Talzin. But you can just call me ‘Sister’”. “’Sister?’”, asked Ahsoka, “You’re a nightsister?”. Barriss and Ahsoka deactivated their lightsabers. “I am a friend to you now”, said Mother Talzin, “we have an enemy in common: The Sith. This Galactic Empire was brought upon a Sith Lord called Darth Sidious. He manipulated the senate of your Republic, he was even behind your Clone Wars, and waited until the right time to execute all of the Jedi”. “I thought General Grievous finished you all off” said Barriss. “We were massacred at the hands of that droid” said Mother Talzin, “But we will always survive. And we will always have, hope”. “We came here for answers Sister” said Zing, “and we need your help to get them”. “What is it you seek?” asked Mother Talzin. “Will this Galaxy ever be free from the Empire? Does it have any hope of being liberated?” asked Zing. “The future is such a fluid thing”, said Mother Talzin, “that it is difficult to see. What I do know is that the child these two girls protected from that Dark Acolyte on Tatooine could be the hope we are looking for. But for now, you must stay hidden. All of you. The time will come at the right moment to challenge the empire, but for now, save your strength”. Within moments, Mother Talzin disappeared into the darkness, leaving Zing in a state of both satisfaction and confusion.

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