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Kylo Ren...Revealed!

“This is when SNL is brilliant. When it takes something that we are all familiar with, which is Undercover Boss, mixes it with something that is as big and awesome as Star Wars and melds it into a sketch with an actual premise and a payoff.”

-Dan S. Turpin, Co-Host of The Galactic Roundtable (TGR) Podcast

In the months leading up to the opening of The Force Awakens, the internet theories over Kylo Ren’s true identity ran rampant. Luke Skywalker, Jar Jar Binks, and countless others were in the mix as fans tried to decipher who Kylo Ren really was. No one could have guessed he would be the son of a smuggler named Ben Solo. However, Kylo is also Matt: Radar Technician. On the January 16th edition on Saturday Night Live, we were introduced to the first great parody of the sequel trilogy era. Adam Driver took the helm of SNL as the host for the night and delivered big time in a smartly scripted segment featuring Kylo Ren as the star. Kylo goes undercover as Matt to see what the others residing on Starkiller Base think of him. What happens next is absolute hilarity. Watch the SNL skit below…

SNL has been known for creating some of the best parodies of pop icons and it seems that they have risen to occasion once again. Yet, if you are a SNL fan you may have noticed that they have given a lot of attention The Force Awakens in the past year. The most amazing thing about the Kylo Ren skit was the attention to detail with the uniforms and backgrounds. The First Order uniforms all seemed to coincide with the cinematic versions. Plus, we got to see a familiar location in the TIE Fighter bay. What resonated the most with me was that SNL listened to the fans when penning the dialogue of this segment. Hardcore fans will love the scene because of its respect to the Star Wars universe, while Kylo haters will connect with the “little black dress" comment.

In the week since the skit aired on live television, Matt has become a pop culture icon amongst the Star Wars fandom. There have been countless memes, articles (including this one), and customs to celebrate the newest satirical character to the Star Wars universe. Matt may not be canon, but he sure as heck is a favorite of mine. As a collector of all things Star Wars, I certainly do wish that Matt customs would be released. Fan creators shared 3.75 inch, 6 inch Black Series, and Funko Pop versions of our newest tongue in cheek Star Wars character. Matt may never appear in the films, but he will hold a place in the pantheon of Star Wars parodies alongside Dark Helmet and Peter Griffin’s Han Solo.

What do you think of Matt, the Radar Technician? Do you think he has an 8 pack, or is as shredded as Kylo Ren? Whatever your thoughts give him a shout on Tinder…

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