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Fan Made Friday: The Galactic Roundtable's Peter Wadsworth

Honor The Force was recently welcomed to sit in at a meeting of The Galactic Roundtable and get a chance to converse with its creator, Peter Wadsworth. Peter is a man of many talents that puts them all to work in expressing his love of Star Wars. The Galactic Roundtable is a weekly podcast that pulls together many experts on the subject matter and gives fans a perspective on recent news and major topics of contention in the Star Wars universe. Peter created TGR in the Fall of 2015 and has his sights on uniting the fans, hardcore and casual, in a way never done before.

Honor The Force: What was it that sparked your love of Star Wars?

Peter: From an early age I always loved the intrigue of the Star Wars universe. To really think about it I can’t even begin to imagine my life if Star Wars was not a part of it, in some way. I was born in 1974 and was only three when A New Hope came out. I can’t recall, being honest, if I did see it in the theater or not. In 1980 Empire came out and I do remember, very vaguely, seeing it at the Drive-in with my parents. Jedi was the one that I really became enthralled with and it truly cemented my love of Star Wars. I can also remember in the 80’s finally watching A New Hope on video almost every day in my early years. As I got older, got married, and had children; my love of it really never passed. With the resurgence from the Prequel Trilogy my children (mostly from me) became interested in a massive way.

Honor The Force: You are the creator of a successful multimedia group known as THE GALACTIC ROUNDTABLE, with a dedicated website, podcast, and a forum on Facebook. What inspired you to take on such a momentous task?

Peter: I have always been the type of person to take my love of anything and just totally become overtaken by it, but on the other hand I do get sick of things very quick as well. Star Wars has always been one of the solid rocks in my life I have always clung to, I never tire of it. With that being said, I always wanted to be a part of the Star Wars universe in some way. In the 1990’s I went to film school at FMU and obtained a degree in scriptwriting and cinematography, mostly at the time to go to work at ILM. As dreams of working in the film industry really didn’t pan out to well, I began writing to fill my creative dreams. I mostly wrote role playing game material here and there. As the internet took shape I had a MySpace Star Wars themed site that had about 20,000 followers/friends, but we all know how that ended up. In between those MySpace years and the Facebook years I went on to do a lot of modeling work (like plastic models) I built Star Wars dioramas as well as World War 2 dioramas, some I won awards for. I also went on to obtain my degree in psychology and

recently communications/journalism. TGR formed in many ways on accident, I started the Star Wars site thenerfheardersherald.net with the intentions of writing a Star Wars news weekly type blog. Well, I have to say that did not work out to good in many ways. First as we can see there are just thousands of Star Wars news blogs out there today, and the bottom line is I felt that I was not doing my best to portray the type of fandom I wanted to give back to everyone. The TGR Facebook group was started first as a way to get my blog out to fans; but to also discuss topics from the world of Star Wars. It just grew from there into the podcast and thegalacticroundtable.net.

Honor The Force: In a few words, can you describe your mission statement for The Galactic Roundtable?

Peter: The mission statement of The Galactic Roundtable (TGR) is to further the interest of Star Wars on several different levels. One, to promote it on a level that is not one sided but from one that parallels the views of all types of fans, this includes the hardcore fans as well as the casual ones alike. Two, in regards to the fans we view Star Wars as a very personal endeavor, if you are a prequel fan that is great, OT fan, EU fan it does not matter in TGR. Lastly, above everything else we promote Star Wars and the love of it as a multimedia art form to be cherished by the world.

Honor The Force: Marry, Mate, Kill? Of the three leading ladies of Star Wars (Leia, Padmé, and Rey) Who would you marry? Who would you mate? Who would you kill?

Peter: I would marry Leia (at any age), Mate the fantastic kickass Rey and offer Padme’ up to the Night Sisters as a sacrifice, simply because she whines too much. (LOL, I do like Padme’ thought, honestly).

Honor The Force: Episode VII is dominating the box office and has caused lots of conversation among fans. What was your take on the film and was it everything that you imagined it would have been?

Peter: I was totally blown away with TFA in many ways, and I must say I am very difficult to please when it comes to movies. The aspects that they brought into the film like leaving many, questions unanswered or, open is brilliant. We have seen that these stories will be told to us in many other multimedia aspects; like books and comics, as to which I am a huge fan of. If I had to change one thing about TFA it would be Captain Phasma’s screen time and arc, but I can live with it. I am really looking forward to Episode VIII, as we all are.

Honor The Force: Running The Galactic Roundtable must have its up and downs as the creator. Would you care to comment about your most rewarding experience thus far?

Peter: I can sum this question up really with one word “friends.” Me and my friend Eddie Feltner artist/owner at Inner eye Minds Designs started the Facebook group before anything was really going and from there I met Krystee Anidem (Diary of a Sithchick), Dan Spina our producer (Mircle worker), Dan (the Man) Turpin who does so much stuff everywhere and Bill May who is the author of the Ramblings of a Crazy of Hermit. Without these guys in many ways TGR would never have rose to the degree it is at today. Last but not least, the fans and fellow TGR members, I must say it is awesome to get up in the morning and not turn on the news but to go on Facebook and see all my friends and what they had said as well as posted. I also would like to add that TGR has a great network with many other sites and many like Honor the Force group, we are in a way a great big family.

Honor The Force: What advice would you have for any new or novice Star Wars fans that choose to follow your path and create a podcast?

Peter: Someone had asked me the other day being a relatively new podcast how we compete with others, the answer is simple we don’t, we embrace others. What I would say to others is do not try to compete with others; the world has enough of that already. When we become obsessed with being number one we truly lose sight of the direction we are going in, that includes your creativity. When I started thenerfheardersherald.net I wanted to do it to talk to other fans like me, but it did not go the way I wanted it too it turned into other things, hence TGR. Bottom line is don’t be afraid to change your vision and also go in a different direction as long as it does not damage your creativity as well as what you set out to do, for me promoting the love of Star Wars. I want to say thank you to Thomas Loftin and Honor the Force for taking the time to ask a jerk like me about how cool Star Wars is and how it has kept life bearable, be well everyone. May the Force be with you guys, always...

Thank you, Peter and the crew at The Galactic Roundtable for offering a safe haven for all fans and helping all Star Wars fans Honor The Force.

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