• Steven Loftin

Love & Lightsabers: The Purest Kind

I surely thought that sooner or later someone would bring it up. I waited. I searched the internet news sites. Nothing. I waited some more. I searched the various groups on Facebook. Still waiting…I searched through Twitter. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. No one ANYWHERE (that I was able to see) tackled the one most obviously painful and beautiful aspect in The Force Awakens. What is it you ask? LOVE.

What about it? What does love have to do with anything? You may ask this question, read this article, talk about it with someone but NEVER really understand what I’m getting at here. Let me break it down for you so that you can understand. LOVE is THE MOST POWERFUL force in the universe. Love is what makes a young Jedi turn to the Dark Side on a simple promise that he can save his family. Love is what makes a young farm boy from Tatooine face his greatest fears to protect his friends. Love is what brings that same farm boy face to face with evil in order to sway his father back to the light. Love is what turns that father back to the light and to a son he never knew. Get it?

The Force Awakens took the age old literary skeletons of love and tragedy to combine them into an epic worthy of a fresh start to the new Sequel Trilogy. In this film, love took a few new twists and turns by relighting an old flame, showing its effect on family generations, and establishing the bond of love between brothers. We see love take many forms throughout this new film. Let’s examine a few…

Han & Leia…you knew I was going to bring this up. Right? This is possibly the most well known romantic relationship in all of Star Wars (both Canon and Non Canon universes). It was great to see the old relationship rekindled for The Force Awakens. Not only were we witness to a reunion between the two, but we were also able to see how their relationship issues had taken course to form a new threat to peace in the galaxy. It was evident in their actions and their eyes that they were still deeply in love with one another. Yeah…maybe they had separated and been apart for a while…but we were able to know and understand why. No love is quite as powerful as a parent’s love for their child. After the situation with Kylo and the Jedi Temple, it just makes sense that their hearts could be broken and their intimate connection may not be a s strong as it once was. The pressure of worry and heartache concerning a child who has gone astray has been the weapon to destroy many strong relationships.

All in all, it was refreshing to see their old romance rekindled. Han & Leia reuniting with the purpose of bringing their son back home was a solid strength in the movie. In my opinion, it added a realistic depth that many people can understand and appreciate. Think about how many of us have been affected by some type of love gone wrong due to a family crisis. The point made in the movie is clear. Love WILL stand the test of time. No matter where you are or what you have done, there is always a chance to make things right. Doing so in the name of love offers existence’s greatest valor.

In the next installment, we examine Kylo Ren and see what happens when love is expressed in the form of hero worship. Do you think Darth Vader was impressed?

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