• Thomas Loftin

Attack of the Posters!

Wow! How awesome was the Force Awakens? Box office records were shattered and fan reactions are overwhelmingly positive. The marketing campaign for the movie is by far one of the the best orchestrated in the history of cinema. Over the past few months fans have chomped at the bit for any Force Awakens images or content. Much like the Star Wars films of the past, the official movie poster is representative of the scope of the film. In response to the official poster, several fan made clones have surfaced. Today we will take a look at just a few of these awesome Force Awakens inspired creations.


This one is a no brainer. Lego's popularity has drastically risen over the past several years and their Star Wars line of products have resonated well with fans of both. It seems to reason that it won't be long before Lego compliments their Force Awakens line with a new "Lego: Star Wars" video game based on the newest installment of the Star Wars saga. Fans young and old can agree that this fan poster is one that truly pays respect to both entities. The new generation of Star Wars fans have been raised with Lego Star Wars content on televison and video game consoles, so the partnership between these two brands will surely continue for a long time.

John Carpenter's "They Live"

Perhaps this fan poster is an example of social commentary on the mentality of Star Wars fans themselves. While the merchandise of the original trilogy has certainly risen in value since the late 70's and early 80's, the more recent prequel trilogy saw an overabundance of merchandise produced. The market has been flooded over the past 15-20 years with variants of Star Wars figures and other collectibles. While sales for Star Wars merchandise continues to rise, the companies continue to produce more. I guess fans who purchase should do so out of love for the content, not to become rich after a few years of storing those items.


The Mel Brooks parody is well recieved by many fans of the saga. Lone Star, Barf, and Princess Vespa are just as memorable of heroes as any other in 80's cinema. It's only fair that they are honored alongside cult icon Dark Helmet in this homage to the Force Awakens. Recent internet buzz has had many theorists speculate that a SpaceBalls sequel may be in the works. Nothing is impossible in a world of remakes, reboots, prequels, and sequels. However, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Jar Jar's Return

This amazingly well crafted poster was released in less than three hours after the official poster's release. Its origin still remains a mystery, yet cult fans beleive that this was a inside job from Lucasfilm. In all of the marketing of the film, we saw no official Luke Skywalker and lots of fans speculate outrageous Jar Jar therories. The most well known gungan was no stranger to fans during this time of a new awakening in the force. This posters makes good on the fear of some fans having to endure more Jar Jar screentime. There have been rumors that he was a sith all along, as well as his possible dual identity as Kylo Ren. As we all know now, Jar Jar wasn't a concern for Episode VII. I suppose its nice to know he is still in the forefront of fan's minds, good or bad.

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