• Steven Loftin

The Gray Area Part 3

The Force as an all encompassing power is NOT a unique viewpoint. Obi Wan probably explained it best by saying, “The Force is an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.”

In order to have a true relationship with the Force, we must understand that the Force is around us as well as within us. It’s like glue. It will always be attached to us as well as be attached to other things around us. It may be another being, our environment, even the energy that exists within the circuitry of a droid. Knowing this, how can we not believe that our Force energy can effect other Force energies within our immediate vicinity? How unrealistic is it to believe that use of the Force is limited to just on area (any area) of our lives?

The Gray Paladins were a group of Jedi who believed in such a way. Their interpretation allowed the Force to act as it naturally would…overtaking their actions so that their individual skill levels in any area would be immediately heightened by reliance on the Force. Take a look at this quote from the Star Wars Wikia regarding the Gray Paladins.

“The Gray Paladins acknowledged that the Force suffused all things, and in turn gave life to all things. In this way, they acknowledged that a sentient could be no more independent of the Force than of nourishment, air, or sleep. However, the Gray Paladins did not see the Force as a means to an end, but rather as an influencing component in their daily lives. Nevertheless, the Gray Paladins were not against the concept of the Force; they simply argued that skills should be developed with a minimum dependency on it, as to allow the will of the Force to work unhindered in their actions. Because of this, Gray Paladins tended to develop skills and techniques that did not directly tap into the Force, but rather allow the Force to augment already existing skills. This led Gray Paladins to be much more militaristic than the Teepos, or even the mainstream Jedi, as Gray Paladins would often resort to military tactics and conventional weapons to achieve their goals.”

The Gray Paladins regarded the Force as an influencing component in their actions. They did not believe in strict reliance the Force, but rather allowed use of the Force to heighten their existing skill sets. This could mean proficiency with weapons, mind control, levitation abilities, etc. It all came down to what was needed at the time and how much skill level they had in that certain area. In essence, they allowed the Force to work within the realm of smaller things as well as larger things concerning their existence.

To interpret this theory we simply need to look at the actions in our daily habits. How do you use certain techniques of doing things and apply them to other areas of your existence? Do you use similar physical actions during different activities? An example could be raking leaves versus sweeping floors. Similar actions/reactions and our bodies would move in relative ways. Do you have similar emotional responses to different prompts? Nostalgic feelings when watching a movie trailer versus nostalgic feelings when viewing an old family photo. These are things to be considered. These are things that help understand the true use of the Force, rather than taking a “canned” approach so often talked about by many.

In closing, it seems to me that the Gray Jedi are simply misunderstood. To be a philosopher and warrior, one must take into consideration all approaches to life and to combat. This is the essence of Gray Jedi to me. Using what approach is needed exactly when it is needed and not binding yourself to strict rules of engagement when they will only strengthen the problem. In order to keep that Galaxy truly safe, is there any other way?

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