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The Gray Area Part 2

In the last installment, I discussed the basic concept of Gray Jedi and how their beliefs were interpreted by many casual Star Wars Fans. Here, in this entry, I’ll discuss relevant info about particular groups of Gray Jedi and how their ideologies differ from traditional Jedi.

The comment “You’re either a Jedi or you’re a Sith. Pick a side!” is often made when discussing Gray Jedi. Pick a side? Okay…well, they have. While some factions of Gray Jedi seem to be living the Sith life, others are just nonconformists who believe the Jedi Council to be distorting the true essence of Jedi beliefs and respect of the Force. Once such group who went their own way in terms of light side/dark side belief were the Imperial Knights. This group is described by the Star Wars Wikia as follows…

“The Imperial Knights, formally the Knights of the Empire, were an order of Force-practitioners loyal to the Emperor of the Fel Empire. They were fully trained in the ways of the Force and rejected the dark side of the Force, unlike previous Imperial Force-based organizations. Though they did not draw on the dark side, they did not strictly follow the light side either, and were viewed as Gray by the New Jedi Order. The Imperial Knights swore loyalty to their Emperor, serving the Force as embodied by him. By 130 ABY, Emperor Roan Fel was a fully-trained Imperial Knight, and the leader of the organization. However, if the Emperor were to ever fall to the dark side, it was the duty of the Imperial Knights to either remove him from power or bring him back to the light, as ultimately, it was the Force to which they owed their allegiance."

This description clearly demonstrates that the Imperial Knights were walking a fine line between light and dark. By serving the Force as embodied by an individual, it is clear that they could be influenced by the dark side if the emperor had such intentions. This is a group of “Gray” Jedi who all in all intended to serve in an honorable way, but could be understood (and labeled) by many to serve evil purposes. Rather than putting their entire trust in the Force alone, they added the human element in the form of Emperor Fel. It leads us to the belief that if the individual is corrupt, the side of the Force that embodies that individual could be corrupt as well. This information leads many to have a negative view of Gray Jedi beliefs.

The above text offers a valid point of how easily that someone claiming to be a light side force user, could easily be swayed to the dark side depending on the strength of their personal conviction. But what if they chose to view the Force as an all encompassing power and not really firm on either a light side nor dark side stance? The next installment will address this issue.

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