• Steven Loftin

Fan Made Friday: Danny Muncy

Danny Muncy is a hard man to track down. He moves like a shadow from system to system. Between overseeing adventurous bounty hunts, manufacturing specialty weapons & gear, and recruiting future hunters he rarely has time for a break. We recently caught up with him to discuss his love for Star Wars & his involvement as Founder of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunters Guild. Check it out...

Honor The Force: How did you become interested in Star Wars?

Danny: Well, I grew up in the county so back when I was young we didn't have movie theaters close to home so I never got to watch them in theaters. Most of my becoming interested came from seeing the movies shown on TV, or from novels I bought My first novel was one of the bounty hunter books with Boba Fett about the bounty hunters guild and I guess, looking back that's why I created the mandalorian bounty hunters guild on Facebook. It's was Boba Fett who is mandalorian and then I liked the guild aspect from way back then. So most of it came from books, even though I could never find many books to buy with having no bookstores nearby. I mostly obtained them second hand from yards sales or flea markets.

Honor The Force: What is one of your most distinct memories that involve Star Wars?

Danny: My most distinct memory is from learning about Boba Fett...this mysterious bounty hunter who wore armor and a helmet and never showed his face. Hunting criminals, and being just a character that you couldn't stop reading about. It was an amazing experience I can tell you, and I wouldn't give that up for anything.

Honor The Force: Who are your top Three Favorite characters?

Danny: My top favorite characters would be Boba Fett, Mara Jade skywalker, and Luke Skywalker in the exact order.

Honor The Force: Why are they your favorites?

Danny: Boba Fett is my top favorite because he's a bounty hunter and a mysterious character who speaks little and lets his actions talk for him. Plus, he's mandalorian and I love the aspect of mandalorians. Mara Jade Skywalker, because she's this mysterious redhead who uses the force and carries a lightsaber. What's not to love with her? Of course Luke Skywalker, he's the last hope for the Galaxy, uses the force and a lightsaber, and then goes on to become a grandmaster of the Jedi. You gotta love a poor farm boy who goes on to becomes something extraordinary. I'm from the country so this kinda hits home on the poor back country kid wanting to become something better and see the world.

Honor The Force: How do your friends & family respond to your love for Star Wars?

Danny: Most of my family haven't watch the Star Wars movies. My sister has seen the movies and she thinks they're cool. My mom and sister are all the time finding little Star Wars things and buying them for me. They seem to like my enjoyment of Star Wars. Most of my collection is in my old bedroom at my moms house so she's seen my level devotion and love of Star Wars my whole life. My girlfriend just watched all six movies with my about a week ago. It was her first time and she loved them! Before that she never saw why I loved Star Wars so much.

Honor The Force: You currently work as an admin of a popular Star Wars group on Facebook. Tell us a bit about your group and why you chose to create it.

Danny: The Guild and Mandalorians are something that's been in my blood since childhood. Hunting bad guys, along with joining a group who believes and feels the same, it's an amazing thing. Back a year or so ago just before I made the group, I knew I wanted to start a Star Wars group but wasn't sure how to do it or how to work groups on Facebook. I thought about it off and on for a while. Then I though about what I loved most about Star Wars... that's Boba Fett, Mandalorians, and the Bounty Hunters Guild, so I combined it all together to create the Mandalorian Bounty Hunters Guild, an RPGing type group with like minded people who love the same thing. It's just grown from there. We have over 600 members and we have all these extra aspects in the group and I love it.

Honor The Force: How has working with this group helped you grow as a fan? Have you been educated or influenced by the many different viewpoints that fans share within your group?

Danny: Well it being a RPGing group, you tend to read up a lot on Star Wars, searching for ways to create the adventure bounty hunts that we have in the Guild. Everyone has their own mando character and obtains weapons and ships, so a lot of new star wars info comes up on a daily basis. I learn new stuff in the guild all the time. It brings you closer to Star Wars, the entire Star Wars universe. It could be expanded universe or canon Star Wars universe it's all the same. I love learning about Star Wars.

Honor The Force: What are some difficulties that you have experienced while working as an admin for your group?

Danny: Most of the difficulties I've faced in the guild comes from the RPG part. Most members come in and know what's sounds right, but a few past members come in and are all over the place. It become out of control on what their character is and what they use in the bounty hunts, with way over the top things. There has been times where I've had to compromise on certain aspects to make people happy and welcome. That's something that you learn pretty quick. You have to make compromises, because if you don't then no ones happy. If they're not happy, they'll leave and before you know it you're the only one left in your own group. It is a lot about the members not about yourself. At the same time, you have to make tough choices and have rules about things. It's important that you enforce those rules also.

Honor The Force: What advice can you give to other Star Wars fans who are interested in starting up their own fan group?

Danny: One thing everyone needs to know is that it's about what you love, not about you. If you go in and make it about yourself, it won't work. Plus you have to set ground rules such as no bullying members, no offensive posts..racial or otherwise. Without rules it becomes complete chaos very quickly and then everything falls apart. The last thing you want is for something you put all the effort into falling apart and having to start all over again.

Honor The Force: One last question for you, Danny...What is a lesson that you have learned through Star Wars that has helped you out in life?

Danny: A lesson from Star Wars I learned in life? Hmmmm...I'd guess never lose hope. That's a big theme in the movies to always keep hope. Star Wars is a way of escaping life. You watch and get wrapped up in it like you're living it and it takes away stress. So I'd say hope and stress relief are the best lessons.

Honor The Force: Good stuff...Thanks for the interview, Danny.

Danny: Thanks for your questions.

The Mandalorian Bounty Hunters Guild is loaded with great members who are very knowledgeable about Star Wars. If you're a fan of the Mandalorian culture, Star Wars Role Play Gaming, or you're just interested in learning more about The Mandalorian Bounty Hunters Guild visit Danny & the rest of the crew using the link below. You're in for some good times with great people.