• Thomas Loftin

Fan Made Friday: Jennifer Campbell

Honor The Force recently caught up with Jennifer Campbell from The Fleur is yours Gifts and Boutique. Jennifer is a South Carolina native who spends her days following her passion for that galaxy far, far away by using her artisan skills to create a unique line of home decor. Jennifer wanted to share some of her work with Honor The Force, just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

-------------- Hi all!

It's an honor to be showcased and I’m pleased to share my story.

Star Wars is the first movie I can recall seeing with my Dad in 1977. I am first and foremost a true southern daddys girl, so if Daddy liked it, I liked it! We saw the movie, in theatrical release 11 times. I was an instant fan and to this day get goose bumps over 2 key factors: Luke standing on the crater rim at dusk with the 2 moons of Tatooine in the sky and the winds blowing through his hair (swoon moment - at whatever age) and the timeless classic sound of composer John Williams (Mr. Williams' music is the standard by which all other film music is compared by me - with only Danny Elfman and/or Stewart Copeland running 2nd). Lets face it, we all stand a little straighter at the sounds of the Imperial march.

While I love Star Wars as a whole, the epitome for me is the original trilogy. Music, dialogue, storyline, graphics (bearing in mind, we are talking late 70’s & early 80’s) were just mesmerizing. You could never watch it enough and lo & behold (insert angels singing) we created VHS tapes, then DVD’s & Blu-Ray (yes, I have them all!). The magic was available to be shared for & with generations. Then came along the internet and we all connected! Fans, admirers, cosplayers, the sci-fy freaks and geeks - we became global! We are now a community, a family and I say May the force be with us all!

Crafters, young & old (I mean come on, I’m a grandmother now 3x over!) started parlaying their crafts along with their love of the movies, thereby enhancing the “cool” effect. I started my crafting off with making sports team themed salt & pepper shakers, then one day decided to add a little something extra to my arsenal. So I created the “good” & “bad” set of shakers. It grew into incorporating droids, jedi, mandalorians, zymology, etc.

Then when I started doing kids name décor, I got the holy grail of requests! Someone wanted a Darth Vader letter for himself. (Imperial march playing again in my head!) I started playing around with different characters & scenes. Facebook fan pages play a large part in the inspirations because so many cool graphics and images are out there and shared.

Just recently I joined the vinyl decal movement and was inspired from the new little guy, BB8, to create Star Wars inspired silhouettes for Christmas oranaments. This is the first year for those, but I am confident they will find a place among many homes.

Thanks for reading through and please check out my Facebook page, The Fleur is yours Gifts & Boutique! https://www.facebook.com/TheFleurisyours

Thanks to you Jennifer, for sharing your work and for helping us Honor The Force!