• Thomas Loftin

Fan Made Friday: Devon Dunnington

Spotlight of artist, Devon Dunnington.

Devon is an amazing fan artist who creates images that captivates, and encourages the imagination to look deeper beyond the bright colors into the soul of each image. We welcome this wonderful aesthetic style as we join Devon in honoring the force.

Honor The Force: How were you first introduced to Star Wars?

Devon: "I grew up in the 80's, so as a kid I would watch them every time they were on T.V. My favorite is The Empire Strikes Back, by far the best one. Oh, and by the way Han shot first!"

Honor The Force: What inspired you to become an artist?


"Comic books! I love them, read them, draw them. My father is a great artist, I get my talent from him. I took about 13 years off of drawing, my wife inspired me to pick it up again. When I did I realized that I still love drawing. I started doing shows for free comic book day at my local comic store. Then, I decided with a friend of mine that we should make a comic for ourselves. On October 23rd, I'll be doing a show and participating on a panel to talk about making comics."

Honor The Force: It sounds like you are well versed in the art of comics, could you describe your method for creating a piece of art, from conception to reality, for our fans?

Devon: "I usually thumbnail out what I want to draw, sketch it out, then I draw it several times to get the feel of the piece. Once I like what I'm doing with said piece I move to the good, high quality paper and hammer it out. It's a lot of prep work, but it works for me."

Honor The Force: If you could some advice to a new artist, what would it be?

Devon: "First off, don't give it up for 13 years, and above all never stop. Do thumbnails and practice sketches to perfect your form. Draw as much as you can everyday. Try different mediums, sculpt, or pen and paper iterations. You'll never know what you like till you try it. Finish what you start; and above all challenge yourself on every piece you do. Yet, most importantly have fun."

Thank you, Devon, for this opportunity to take a look at your amazing work. We appreciate your dedication to your craft and to helping us Honor The Force!

If you would like to see more of Devon's spectacular work check out the link below. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-by-Devon-Dunnington/130615213793227