• Steven Loftin

Fan Made Friday: The Yavin 4

With songs in the blood & sabers on the brain, the Yavin 4 are rising out of the Indianapolis music scene intent on taking over. Using Star Wars themed lyrics to creatively tell stories with their music, they create a sound as unique as their varied musical backgrounds. With classic influences from rock, punk, metal, and ska they interlace thumping drum beats, pounding bass lines, and driving guitar over the top of a clean vocal range to incorporate many different sounds in their music. Benny NoGood, Yavin 4 member and lifelong Star Wars fan, attributes the band's unique sound to their plethora of musical tastes. "Our (musical) influences are obviously all over the place, so listing them individually would be another article altogether."

Forming the Yavin 4 was a rapid fire project for Benny, who kickstarted the band's formation & musical output into hyperdrive. "We formed in late December after Travis and I were talking about forming a band, One of us suggested a Star Wars themed band, and we both got pretty excited about the prospect. I made a Facebook post about it, and within a couple of hours, Jason and Chad had jumped onboard, and we had a name, a Facebook page up, and the ball was rolling by that night. We had our first rehearsal about a week later, and by the end of January we had fourteen songs written." Serious stuff. With new material and experienced musicians, the galaxy was wide open for the Yavin 4. By the end of April 2015 they had released an album that was recorded entirely during blitzkrieg sessions held through the previous month of March.

Showcasing a one of a kind sound, passionate drive, and serious work ethic, the future looks promising as this band point their sights toward the stars. "We've played a couple of convention-related shows this year, as well as several at bars and music venues. We've gotten some online support from some great nerdcore artists like MC Lars, which is just awesome. We've got some really exciting things in the works, too. They aren't anything we can talk about yet, but could be a big step for us."

If you're ever in doubt that super cool stuff is being created by real Star Wars fans, look no further than this group of talented musicians. They're representing a lifelong love by taking their music to the next level. I'm truly positive that the Force is strong with them.

For more information and media on The Yavin 4, check out their sights & sounds at one of the following internet destinations:

Social Networking •facebook.com/theYavin4twitter.com @theYavin4

Album & Videos •theYavin4.bandcamp.comhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT3aU-sD-8j-BdySrF3YoYw or simply channel search for The Yavin 4