• Thomas Loftin

Fan Made Friday: Evan Myles

Today we spotlight Evan Myles. Evan is a proud member of the United States Army and a huge fan of Star Wars. In his free time, Evan creates his own custom Mandalorian figures. Evan gains inspiration for his custom figures from other fans who create their own fan fiction and characters. He also takes inspiration from official material as well, "What makes me focus on mandalorians is the fact that their way of life described throughout books was relatable to me. The inspiration for the Kal Skirata custom came from the republic commando books by Karen Traviss."

Evan's process from initial conception to final product is one of methodical precision. "When I start, I normally look for a basic figure that would suit the style of what I imagine my final design would look like and how it will be displayed. The best places to check for those basic figures are local flea markets and thrift stores. I normally go for figures that are loose and may be missing original accessories that could easily be replaced or switched out. I also like to purchase multiples of the same figure. Having multiples allows you to play with your creativity. After I have the idea and a base figure, I pick up the paints and go to town on it, layer after layer. I recommend choosing a paint your comfortable using. I normally go for citadel paints because of the variety. For figures that I want to have battle damage such as claw marks, I use a wood burner with a sharp edge. I get it nice and warm, not too hot and lightly create what I desire. Once I have what I'm looking for in base layers; I add a light wash coat to help with the shading and weathering. Thats pretty much it for what I do to make figures a reality."

For those looking to get into creating custom figures like Evan, he has a few words of encouragement for you. "Be confident in yourself. It's your custom, your decision on whats what. If you want to make a hot pink stormtrooper then go for it. Sometimes the most ridiculous sounding ideas are more often than not the most badass. If you're stuck on how to do something look it up on YouTube, that's where I picked up on some of my brushing. I started off small by using the Star Wars command mini figure vehicles to practice and test things out. Starting off small and working your way up to a large project is a good way to boost your confidence. For me, my family helped boost my confidence. Having a good support system to give you that outside perspective is invaluable. I still consider myself as a beginner; there is always more that can be learned and improved upon. Be proud of what you have accomplished and know that you have just created something unique that no one else has in their collection. You gave that figure a voice and a personality that can't be duplicated."

Thank You, Evan Myles for serving our country, defending our freedom, and helping us Honor The Force!