• Steven Loftin

Fan Made Friday: Tom Warlitner IV

Tom Warlitner IV is a Star Wars custom builder specializing in dioramas & created environments. An admitted fan of everyone's favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca, Tom has been collecting Star Wars merchandise since the1970s. He began customizing figures after seeing several displays at Star Wars Celebration 3.

"I've always liked dioramas and I build and customize to that end.", Tomsays. "I like easy and simple builds, as I am lazy by nature."

In case you weren't aware, Tom has a great sense of humor to go along with his talent.

"The hardest part about the Hoth diorama was collecting all the figures. Other than that, pretty simple. I like army building...imperials, rebels, jawas, tuskens etc..."

As for future builds, Tom has plans for "a giant, desert town diorama as well as a huge rebel hanger." For the upcoming Rebel hangar build, Tom is completing a customized X wing, several A wings and a scratch built Y wing.

"I hope to do a to scale AT-AT before I die. I don't like Hasbro ships (Falcon, X wing etc...) because of the improper scale size." With talent like this, we're sure Tom's future builds will only keep getting better and better.