• Thomas Loftin

Fan Made Friday: David Willingham

A proud family man, David Willingham's passion for art as his creative expression began at an early age. "When I was in the 3rd grade, I got a 'How to Draw' book from the school book fair and right on the front cover was Darth Vader. With my growing obsession with Star Wars I began drawing him over and over again. That, to me, was the beginning." David's mom, older brother, and his mentor have long modeled a strong support system for his creativity that he now models for his own son. After years of grinding away to make a name for himself, David feels that his hard work is destined to payoff as looks forward to his passion becoming his career.

While constantly pushing himself to learn new techniques so that his craft continually improves, David believes in letting the art take on a life of its own from the very beginning. "I always begin with a rough sketch and play with the design, so it flows how I picture it. From there I do a more detailed sketch onto whatever I'll be using for the final project. Next, I paint in the less detailed background components. After that, I generally look at the piece of art almost like a grid. I focus on one square at a time for my fine detail and eventually you can see it coming to life."

To encourage new artists out there, David believes that the mantra he has lived by is a great one to adopt. "If you have this creativeness in your heart; then listen to it. Don't get discouraged. Always try to learn and improve. There is always someone you can learn from." David's words are as inspiring as his work. Thank you, David Willingham for helping us Honor the Force!

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