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Honor The Force is a group of regular fans, just like you, who are dedicated to celebrating all things related to the Star Wars Universe. We have a primary focus on promoting unity and a positive atmosphere in the fandom. Through the use of social media, we reach over 500,000 Star Wars fans each day. In addition to this website, you can hangout with us on the official Honor The Force Facebook page. Honor The Force also provides a modern day social media fan experience for fans of the Original Trilogy on Facebook as well as on this website. Lastly, you can join us as we discuss the fandom and real world happenings that affect the franchise on our podcast: Talking Star Wars.

The HTF crew has been featured on other Star Wars related media including the highly popular podcast Star Wars Exposé. Check out our two part interview from November 2015.

star wars expose honor the force jedi sith lightsaber

On a weekly basis Honor The Force investigates news and updates about the films, fans, and other happenings in the Star Wars community. The Honor The Force News Minute, with Thomas Loftin, appeared on TGR's Star Wars Hour (currently known as Channel Star Wars) from February 2016 to August 2016.

Honor The Force has also been heard on the Coffee With Kenobi podcast (Show #57), in promotion of our Fan Celebration campaign. That campaign is an effort to connect with Star Wars fans who wish to have their creator portfolios shared across our website and social media network. 

Questions? Comments? Want more info?

Feel free to engage us on any of our Social Media platforms available through the links on this site.  You may also email us directly at anytime.

honor the force star wars jedi sith lightsaber yoda skywalker darth vader boba fett
honor the force star wars lightsaber sith jedi boba fett
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