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Unlocking the Force Part 2

December 23, 2015

There are many instances in life where we have felt like we were guided by something. We often see this as intuition, gut instinct, or good old fashioned use of conscience. But what is it really? In order to become in tune with ourselves and closer to our natural surroundings, we must first learn to listen. There is no true understanding without silence of the mind. Daily distractions and hectic schedules pull us further and further away from the essence of our true existence. This is the whole point of silent meditation. Meditation may exist as thought, prayer, or emptiness. Each method has it’s own benefit in clearing ourselves of distraction and opening up our minds to things we don’t usually see.


Ask yourself a few simple questions…Have you ever made a big decision in your life where you had to shut things off and concentrate on the outcome of your choices? Has there ever been a time in your life where you were so overwhelmed with issues that you just had to “sleep on it” in order to get your mind clear? I’m pretty sure we all have. In this exists our relationship to the Force. How we react to these situations, let’s us know what side of the Force we will lean to…Light Side or Dark Side.


It’s simple really. Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become who we are. We choose our path. We choose to establish ourselves as Light or Dark. In that silence of meditation, going through our thoughts and emptying our minds, we open up possibilities. We make choices to serve ourselves or to serve others. We understand ideas that may have been long lingering in our minds. We weigh the options. We open up ideas that we choose to accept as our personal code for living.


The Force binds every living thing in our galaxy. Light, Dark, or somewhere in between, we have to find our own truth. With this we must realize what path we choose as individuals. Ultimately this path will lead us to life or death. It’s all in how we accept the Force into our lives. It all in how we choose to live.







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