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Unlocking the Force Part 1

December 16, 2015

To understand the Force is to realize that it can never be understood at all. There is no oneness, there is no fuel, there is only nothingness and the realization that we are all part of it. Scholars, philosophers, politicians, Jedi, and Sith alike reach for things outside their chosen grasp. They intend to bring out an all encompassing power that will give them great prominence in their individual being. The truth is that none of this even exists.


To recognize the Force is to recognize that we ARE the Force. It does not…cannot exist without us and in turn we cannot exist without it. The one truth in this relationship is that neither being or Force is mutually exclusive of one another. There is only an almighty relationship at which we are one and none at the same exact instant.


To believe the Force is to see what is in front of us, yet lurking behind us on the shadows. A danger, an exhilaration, a distinct probable cause to be something greater than we actually are. This binding Force controls us without our own realization. As in theory, and ultimately in reality, we submit to it’s will as the boat submits to the motioning power of the wave.

To see the Force we must first be willing to look deeply inside ourselves and that which exists around us. Simultaneous examination of truth and consequence allow us to feel this certain way in order to gain wisdom. Knowledge is only a portion of the complete puzzle in which we seek equal parts to shape together. This mold allows us to gain the foresight needed to react willfully and positively in relation to circumstance and situations surrounding us.


To feel the Force is to understand the elements. The cold northern wind penetrating through to our core, our soul. The warmth of the sun dancing across our face and blinding our eyes. A breeze that, ever so slightly engages our hair and makes it dance in the invisible medley surrounding us. To feel, to truly feel on the inside as an intuition, a hunch, a gut response to any situation. This is when you know that you have felt it. This is when you know that you have stumbled across something new and beautiful that will help you rediscover your path once again.


Let the Force awaken inside of you.




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