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October 28, 2016

 Taking time out of his busy schedule while creating a new Death St--...I mean one of the best Star Wars groups on Facebook, Lord Vad--...I mean Gerard Baer sat down long enough to answer a few questions and shoot the breeze with us at Honor The Force.  Grab a glass of cold blue milk and sit down to read up on this incredible Sith Lor--...I mean Star Wars fan.

*EDITOR'S NOTE:  The crew at HonorTheForce.com was not coerced, violated, force choked, threatened with dismemberment, banhammered, or otherwise physically harmed in any way during the production of this article.  Seriously.

HTF:  So…tell us the love story.  How did your relationship with Star Wars begin?

Gerard:  Well, Steve and Thomas…let me begin by thanking you guys for reaching out to ask me some questions about my love/obsession of the Star Wars Universe. You guys at Honor the Force are my kind of folks. Good fans and good people. With all the chaos and nonsense that permeates the fandom at times, its refreshi...

September 20, 2016

“The core of the film is usually something very emotional and something that feels really real that you can relate to, it’s not done in a false way.  You know, a lot of films will treat emotion falsely and you can sense that very quickly.” - Michael Giacchino

With the recent news of Michael Giacchino replacing Alexandre Desplat as soundtrack composer for Rogue One, many people are interested in learning more about his background.  So here are a few bits of information that may set your mind at ease about this last minute substitution.

- He was born in Riverside Township, New Jersey in 1967.

- His family is of Italian ancestry and he holds a dual American/Italian citizenship.

- At the age of 10, he began creating stop motion animation with soundtracks in the  basement of his home.

- After graduating high school, he attended both the School of Visual Arts and the Juilliard School in New York city.

- He completed an internship at Universal Pictures during college, and was hired by...

July 26, 2016

“I really think that movies are the most popular form of story telling ever and have such a huge impact on culture when they do. So I really want to be a part of those movies that say something good to a lot of people.” - Alden Ehrenreich

With the rumors of his casting finally coming to fruition by being officially introduced to fans at Star Wars Celebration Europe as the new Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich will be surrounded by internet buzz for many months to come.  During the buildup of the new Star Wars production, we’re surely going to learn more about this young actor who is poised at the gate of galactic stardom.  Here are a few tidbits of info that you might find interesting…

He was born in November 1989 in Los Angeles California to his mother, Sari, and father, Mark.  Both parents were film buffs but not directly related to the film industry.  

Ehrenreich studied acting at NYU, but never completed his course of study to earn a degree.  Instead, he helped to co-found an act...

July 22, 2016

We recently had a chance to talk to Cooper Langford regarding his new re-imagining of The Phantom Menace.  This fan edit is truly unique and worth the watch for any Star Wars fan.  A little bit of action...a little bit of drama...a little bit of comedy...a whole lot of Star Wars.  Sit back, have a read, and find out what lives inside the brain of Cooper Langford. 

Honor The Force:  Your edit is great!  I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish and didn't know what to expect from one scene to the next.  What made you want to re-edit The Phantom Menace in this way?

Cooper:  Well I really appreciate that compliment. Just remember to send me your address so I can mail your check. It actually all started almost a year ago when I began to dabble into Adobe Premiere Pro in my TV Production class. Since I’m a big football buff, I was instructed in putting together highlight videos with the stats of each game to put on the morning show. After a while, I started...

July 1, 2016

HonorTheForce.com recently caught up with UK based artist Carl Evanson to talk about his ever expanding portfolio of Star Wars fan art. Have a look and read about this young fan creator who is on his way to greatness by using some unique talents. 

HTF: How long have you been making artwork?

Carl: I always had a passion for art and I always wanted to be good at drawing. I only started to get serious about drawing and colouring last year. I recently started having a go at painting.

HTF: What has been your creative influence?

Carl: Since I started drawing & selling work, people influenced me to make more.  I suffer from an illness called cystic fibrosis...life is very hard sometimes. I make art because its the best way for me to escape the pain and my thoughts. Art is my coping mechanism. It helps me deal with my illness...I just like making people happy with my art. 

HTF: What is your favorite media to work with? 

Carl: I love using prismacolors pencils, watercolor, acrylics, and any...

June 24, 2016

Just to be clear about things, this article deals with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and it MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS to the upcoming film.  If you don't want to be informed, please stop reading now.  I’ll wait….

In any case, for the meatheads who refuse to follow instructions, here goes another warning…



So, let’s get to it.  The interwebs have been abuzz over the past few weeks regarding the reported reshoots of the film.  Apparently, higher ups in the Disney executive chain were not happy with the way the film was going.  That’s one rumor.  Another was that a rough cut was screened and did not d...

February 15, 2016

In an ever interesting recon mission to track down details relating to the Upcoming release of Rogue One; A Star Wars story, we’ve uncovered a few gems among the piles of speculated information that may be of some importance to you.  But BE WARNED…SPOILERS LIE AHEAD.  So, if you are one of those fans who like to be surprised, you should STOP READING NOW……….



Well, there it is…your chance to keep your Rogue One virginity is gone.  Apparently, you’re a fan who likes to live life dangerously…so…read on.  We’ll take this step by step in order to make things fairly easy to understand and simple to follow.  




Ben Mendelsohn is apparently cast in the film as some sort of an Imperial badass who commands great respect (or fear?) from the troops.  A recent report on SlashFilm offers the following information about this character.


“There is a bad guy or person of some importance to the Empire. His main feature is a huge majestic whi...

February 3, 2016

Best Friends…brothers…FAMILY.  It is no secret to anyone who has been with Star Wars from the beginning that the bond between Han Solo & Chewbacca is everlasting.  A snippet of the backstory between these two tells us that Han saved Chewbacca’s life.  In doing so, Chewie owes Han a life debt.  We have seen that this debt is one that Chewie was eager to repay.  Chewie has been Han’s right hand through thick and thin.  No matter what the odds, Chewie has always been there.  Han is smuggling cargo through Imperial blockades? Chewie is there.  Han is being chased across the galaxy by bounty hunters. Chewie is there.  A rescue mission is devised to save Han from one of the most ruthless gangsters in the galaxy? Chewie is there.  Do you see the pattern?


When watching The Force Awakens one could only imagine the pain that Chewbacca felt as he saw his best friend, his brother, killed at the hands of Kylo Ren.  It was a terrible time.  As fan of the franc...

January 27, 2016




Infatuation? Hero worship? Egotism? LOVE?  What is the deal with Kylo Ren’s longing for the spirit of Vader?  Let’s break it down…


We are dealing with a situation that can only become more intense as the storyline within the Sequel Trilogy develops.  If we look at Kylo Ren’s infatuation with Vader as a sense of hero worship, we must ask ourself is this a shallow issue or is it a form of deep rooted psychosis?  Is Ren ACTUALLY speaking to Vader?  Does he ACTUALLY hear from him?  At this point in the game, we really don’t know.  Everything is just speculation and theory.  However, to take the fiction out of it and view Ren’s action as a legitimate mental issue, we can discern that he may have some issues.


It’s been a popular trend among fans on the internet to dismiss many of Ren’s actions as tantrums.  On the surface, this is an easy answer.  Honestly, when I first saw the scene where he receives bad news form the First Order officer, I thought that he w...

January 20, 2016

I surely thought that sooner or later someone would bring it up.  I waited.  I searched the internet news sites.  Nothing.  I waited some more.  I searched the various groups on Facebook.  Still waiting…I searched through Twitter.  Nothing.  Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.  No one ANYWHERE (that I was able to see) tackled the one most obviously painful and beautiful aspect in The Force Awakens.  What is it you ask?  LOVE.  


What about it? What does love have to do with anything?  You may ask this question, read this article, talk about it with someone but NEVER really understand what I’m getting at here.  Let me break it down for you so that you can understand. LOVE is THE MOST POWERFUL force in the universe.  Love is what makes a young Jedi turn to the Dark Side on a simple promise that he can save his family.  Love is what makes a young farm boy from Tatooine face his greatest fears to protect his friends.  Love is what brings that same...

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4 Big Reasons WHY the Best Time to be a Stars Wars Fan is NOW!

April 15, 2019

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